SwirlyMMS 0.3.6

SwirlyMMS Good news!! Version 0.3.6 of SwirlyMMS makes it compatible with firmware 1.1.3 and above! Also, since my last review of this app…there has been one very cool new feature added…the ability to receive Multi-Media texts!! Which is totally cool however, in order to view the MMS you have to, “use a viewer, like MobilePreview and a file browser, e.g. MobileFinder and browse to the folder where the received images are stored: ~/Media/MMSFiles.”! Other than that…the app functions pretty much the same as previous versions. The only thing this it is still missing is the ability to send videos and music via text. Doug and I have tried to get this app to work without much success but, we are pretty sure that is because we do not have multi-media messaging turned on for our account. :) Let us know in the comments how this app works for you! SwirlyMMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Note: You can get all the info on how to install/set-up this app on the Developer’s website.

SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6

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  1. i have swirly mms and immess messge viewer. how do i get my mms messes to show up in immess mesenger and not in swirly

  2. i download jiggy runtime but when i get photo messeges they come up in swirly and they are to small

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  4. i need help with my iphone. the mmsc and proxy setting are not being accepted. what would be the correct ones

  5. Swirly is worthless. If you can’t get it to work like most people you are screwed. All these people who say they get it to work are unable to explain or fix why others get the http/1.1 403 forbidden error message. And if you complain to swirly all they do is send you a link to their support page. I payed my $8 & couldn’t get it to work. I asked swirly for my money back they ignored me. Swirly is a rip off. Do yourself a favor accept the MMS is gonna happen on the iphone until apple does it.

  6. I think i know the problem…. it works instantly for those who have unlimited messaging on a family plans right? It did so for me… downloaded… executed, worked… sent an mms to it from my brothers phone and I am about to attempt to send one back… any questions e-mail me at.


  7. Need help making my pictures show up bigger I got swirly through cydia I don’t kno what to do help?

  8. when wil hte version be out that can send videos and music? Just wondering.

  9. Hi all:
    Does anyone know or try if swirly works on 3gs, I have iphone 3gs with f/w 3.1.2. I did try it but it freeze my iphone when it reboot, so i had to restore again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you