SwirlyMMS 0.3.6

SwirlyMMS Good news!! Version 0.3.6 of SwirlyMMS makes it compatible with firmware 1.1.3 and above! Also, since my last review of this app…there has been one very cool new feature added…the ability to receive Multi-Media texts!! Which is totally cool however, in order to view the MMS you have to, “use a viewer, like MobilePreview and a file browser, e.g. MobileFinder and browse to the folder where the received images are stored: ~/Media/MMSFiles.”! Other than that…the app functions pretty much the same as previous versions. The only thing this it is still missing is the ability to send videos and music via text. Doug and I have tried to get this app to work without much success but, we are pretty sure that is because we do not have multi-media messaging turned on for our account. :) Let us know in the comments how this app works for you! SwirlyMMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Note: You can get all the info on how to install/set-up this app on the Developer’s website.

SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6 SwirlyMMS 0.3.6

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  1. already is the version

  2. what are the apn setting for at&t

  3. The latest version is

  4. Is 0.3.6 compatible with 1.1.2

  5. this app works great for me, im on tmobile us, 1.1.3 ZiPhone

    • Jollyblue says

      how did u get it to work?

    • Mmsc:

      APN: wap.voicestream.com

      Some operators resizes the pics to smallest possible when they dont know what kind of device it is sending to. SwirlyMMS have the possibility to pretend beeing another phone and voila you will get the pics in correct size

      Do this, add the following source to the installer: swirlyspace.com/SwirlyMMSSettings/Settings.xml

      I used the SonyEricsson W800i and Im getting the pics nice and big. Im on Tmobile US

    • Jollyblue says

      Thanks Mic!!

      I got it to work and thanks for the tip about the phone faking thing. The pictures are definitely a lot larger. I’m just curious though, do you get your pictures displayed sideways?

    • NP… :) the program dosint display it sideways…

      If u have any more Q i can help u out… im all over the net looking stuff up.
      If anyone needs help email me at yoniyat@hotmail.com or add me to ur live messenger… :)

    • Jollyblue says

      hmmm.. I’m not sure, but when I get a picture msg the picture is displayed sideways! I’ve been trying to mess with the settings but I’m not sure why its like that. Any ideas?

    • Try sending ur self a pic from a diffrent phone… and if it still comes in sideways u need to hold the phone u r tacking the pic with diffrently.

      and if the picture was taken sideways on the phone it will display it sideways on the iphone, the only problem is the iphone dosint change the picture to a wide view so it looks weird and cramed.

    • Jollyblue says

      Yeah… Different people sent me msgs and they’re all displayed sideways. And the pictures werent taken sideways…sigh. I guess its better to get the msgs then not at all. lol

    • Yeah… LOL :)

      Do u have any other Q?

    • Jollyblue says

      OOOOOOO…I get why I’m getting the pictures sideways. You were right….the pictures were taken sideways. lol When I take pictures on my phone, I hold it vertically like I normally would instead of horizontally. I didnt realize that when taking pictures on the iphone, you should hold it horizontally so when you send it, its not sideways! I’m such a dummy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WITH ME AND MY DUMB Qs! ahaha

    • Its ok.. lol
      in my experience its always the dump things that get u… :)
      Im happy u figured it out! :)

      If u have Q about anything just ask :)

    • plz help. I can’t view the pic. Thanx

    • What program r u using?

  6. the app works pretty well once you’ve found and set the right settings for your provider, your account, etc. I’m running it under 1.1.4 together with the mobilepreviewer and the mobile finder. Totally agree THERE HAS TO BE SOME IMPROVEMENT ;-) Would be fine to have an app which would have the viewer functionality included, longer body texts, movies and soundfile abilities, etc.

    I guess it depends on the country your living in. Don’t know how popular MMS is in the US, here in Switzerland it’s used very often. Not only pictures from events and friends sending around is the topic, nowadays you also do have the possibility to receive you train ticket (and trains are havely used in Switzerland) by MMS and it will be scaned form the conductor ;-) And so on and so …

  7. by the way is the newest version – out now!

  8. works great for me,tmobile,1.1.4

  9. APN: wap.voicestream.com or internet2.voicestream.com
    User Name And Password: guest (for the 2nd APN only) leave in blank

    Timeout: 15 minutes
    Primary gateway IP:
    Port: 8080
    Secondary gateway IP:
    Port: 8080

    MMS Mmsc Server: Proxy:

  10. hey i hace the 3.7.1 version. i have mobile finder but the pictures are all small u can barely see them. is there anyway u can c them or save them somewhere else so u can c them bigger?? i do go to da swirly folder on mobile finder but their jus so small to realy c it. plz any help?? : (

  11. @mg713

    did you try to double-click the pictures in the mobile finder already?
    because that works fine for me – the picture is quite big, as big as the original i got sent.

    • thanx i tried but it doesnt seem to work .is this how u do it? i go to mobile dfinder tab the (~) button go to, then media mms files. and there they are but i cant seem to get them big jus as they show right there very small. i tried tappin it twice but its not working : (. any ideas??

    • that’s exactly what i do, double-tapping and “whouuu” it opens in full size. sorry, this doesn’t seem to solve the problem :-/

  12. When I tried sending out the MMS earlier, it said ‘MMS cannot be sent right now since GPRS/EDGE is not available!…”
    So I turned on my “Edge” using BossPrefs, and my MMS was sent out. My question is, since it involves Edge, sending out MMS requires a charge?? Just wondering, thanks in advance!

  13. I also had the same problem as Ken when I upgraded to

    I could send and receive fine before…now I get that error. I should have known better.

  14. You guys must have it through a different source…because through Ste 0.3.6 is the newest version.

  15. steve anderson says

    like last version this does not work I am on o2 pay as you go and have GPRS working because edge does not work on pay as you go says service denied I have phoned o2 and I gave multi meadow devices enabled to

  16. ok…i have no clue on how to set the settings lol help n e 1?

  17. Anyone know the settings for O2 in the UK?

  18. Last version did not work receiving, with Movistar here in Spain…or at least I could not make it work…I’m a bit lazy to try it all over again…

  19. so is better than 0.3.6? where can i find


    My old version was working perfect!

    I upgraded today to and now nothing works…..

    settings are perfected and saved from old version. ?!?!?!?!

    I used this all the time and now i get this message.

    “Possible incorrect mmsc setting. Unexpected http response (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden)”

    Anyone have any ideas for me?

  21. I just called AT&T and they would not add MMS messaging to my account since it is the iPhone.

    • Yeah…Doug said the same thing to me too!! Very not cool! Hello…don’t they think about us hackers!! :)

    • Tell them you have another phone you use sometimes and want to have it activated.

      Just be very nice and call a few different times.

      But be careful…depending on the service you have it can cost up to $0.25 a MMS.


    I loved this app and now with this new upgrade im not able to do it anymore…

    Ive checked my settings and still no luck.

    Anyone having similar problems?

    I get this error:

    “Failed to send MMS
    Possible incorrect mmsc setting.
    Unexpected http response
    (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden)”

    Please Help!

  23. Dan Rasoi says

    I get this error:

    “Failed to send MMS
    Possible incorrect mmsc setting.
    Unexpected http response
    (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden)”

    Please Help!

    I get the same error please help…

  24. mms swirly works like a dream! can’t be without it- I absolutely love it!

  25. Can anyone figure why 1/2 of the people are getting this 2 work and the other arent?

    Are the settings in SSH suppose to be set at 755?


    ( I also have a new icon next to my to my SwirlyMMS. I open it up and i have something in my “Fetch” tab. Like if someone were send me a pic or something. This is the message i get

    “MMS cannot be fetched right now since GPRS/EDGE is not available! Please review your MMS and/or EDGE APN settings, Or wait a while if settings are correct…”

    I have no idea what that means! :(

    Im with AT&T and settings are set at:


    Anyone having this issue and know how to resolve this?

    • Chubby Bear says

      I have the same issues.

      Swirly worked with version 3.6 or whatever…but after I upgraded it no longer works and I get that same error. Ugh. Swirly needs to upload past versions of Swirly so you can choose.

  26. i am trying to get the mms to work and i put in all the info needed such as proxy and ect.. but when i try to send it tells me cant connect with edge but my edge is turned on i have tmobile any ideas

  27. Hi i have just got the mms app working but when i try an open the picture thru mobile veiwer app i double tap the picture and all i get is a thumbnail have tried various things but only get a thumbnail thru the viewer any help appreciated greatly as its almost there just wont a larger picture regards

  28. hey i cant get this to work for cingular.
    i dont know the settings.
    any help?

  29. Whoever told us about dat swirlysms upgrade, u ppl are geniuses!!!!!! Tanx a million!!! I was havin prob with network denied, i just added dat nu source, n bingo!!! All sorted out, with da upgrade, my mms are travellin da world again!! Brilliant!! :~)

  30. Robert Hiekel says

    I finally got all the settings figured out, and was able to send and receive a MMS. However I cannot view. I know I need the MobilePreviewer to view it, but cannot seem to find the program in Installer. Where is it ????? Thanks !1

    • Hey Robert. I have the same problem, did you sort it out? I would love some help on the isue.. Let me know. thnx

  31. how do you erase old mms?

  32. how can use in china,

  33. damianh05 says

    I need help I can receive peoples images but they can’t see mine and I have set the image quality to minimum but they still can’t view my images. Can someone help me correct this issue thank you.

  34. I istalled on two Iphones, same settings, only works on one Iphone.

  35. Hi, i got Swirly MMS w/ Tmobile and Unlimited Text BUT no Internet or Tzone plan. I know for Swirly MMS to work you must enable EDGE.

    My question like “Ken” above is will i be charged? Has anyone with t-mobile with out the internet plan/Tzone….USED it and Have you been Charged?

    thanks alot

  36. I made upgrade to 1.1 and software are not working properly. My mobile operator is Orange UK. I can’t send mms with text, only picture. Why shall i buy still cortupted software?

  37. Hi all
    i have 2 question and i hope some one can help me.

    1- If i wanna send mms to some one , the mms of that persone must be active?????????????

    2-I tried to send mms , but it says fail and , it is in the outbox now , but i don’t know , how to delete it in outbox ….any idea ????????

  38. I need help getting SwirlyMMS to work on iphone. I am with BT Mobile using Vodafone network. My EDGE settings are APN: btmobile.bt.com / Username: bt / Password: bt. Internet works fine. I have installed SwirlyMMS + Finder + IMMESS MMS viewer. Swirly settings are MMSC: mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms Proxy: APN is wap.vodafone.co.uk Username:user@vodafone.net Password: user

    When I open Swirly I get the Inbox-Outbox-Sent- Trash menu but when I try to send a message or retrieve a message I get the popup box saying GPRS EDGE not available. Check settings.

    Can someone please tell me where I’m going wrong and give me correct settings. Many thanks.

  39. hi paul
    how are you your proxy is corect but it’s to long you have to delete a few number , i did like this , so the best is go to the office of your network and they will do it for you there , i went to my network office and they repair it in a minute.
    good luck

  40. after unlocking my iphone, it works great with TMobile service. I installed your program–its fabulous…thank you

  41. @ Paul B

    Working Settings for BT Mobile With Vodaphone as an airtime provider

    MMSC: mms.bt.com/servlets/mms
    APN: btmobile.bt.com
    Username: bt
    Password: bt
    Image Size: Medium

  42. is there any other than this, for 2.0?

  43. Hi I have the swirlymms working fine i can receive but the picture is very small. I tried sending some out, just text my friends receive it, but if i forward it, They get an error message?

    also the Immess viewer?????? how do you set it up so i can view my MMS messages full size??? iv been looking everywere and i have jiggy isnstalled and no luck!!!!

    any help will be apreciated by the way i have firmware 1.1.4

    thanks a bunch!

  44. IM having trouble with this. I want my pictures bigger so i downloaded the sony w800 thing and it didnt work it kept saying could not fetch so i delete it ad it works. how can i get bigger pics? and also go i have to be in wifi or phone plan to view when im not at home? thanks alot

  45. hey when is this coming out for iPhone 3G ????

  46. Swirly is available through cydia right now!

  47. I have tried to set it up for at&t and it will not work.
    I’ve tried a few settings, and I get an error:

    “Possible incorrect mmsc setting. Unexpected http response (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden)”

    This was with settings:
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    Proxy: wireless.cingular.com:80
    APN: wap.cingular
    Username: wap@cingulargprs.com
    Password: cingular1

    I’ve tried without http, I’ve tried without user/pass, I’ve tried with the kitchen sink and without as well.

  48. I have a unlocked I phone and when I placed swirley MMS on my phone it started to run into safe mode. I reset the phone and now it has been stuck on the main screen. HELP!!!!!

  49. it says that the message can not be fetched. and i have t-mobile and put the settings in right

  50. Darkangel3535 says

    Can someone tell me what the settings are for Swirly MMS on O2 UK

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