Converter 0.22b

Converter If you have been on AppleiPhoneSchool for awhile…you know that Converter is one of the favorite apps. So, I must say I was excited to see an update for it (though…I couldn’t imagine what they would have added!). But, there are A TON of new features! There are six new measurements; Acceleration, Angle, Data Transfer, Force, Luminance and Prefixes. You can now also rearrange the Measurement list when you are not in Advanced Mode (it works the same is it does in Advanced Mode). There are four new language options; Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese. Another cool new feature is that you can turn on the Shake option in the Settings and it allows you to Shake your iPhone to update the Currency Rate…instead of having to go into the Setting every time and tapping on refresh. And yet another cool new feature is a ruler! If you go into the Setting and turn on the ruler…you can tip your iPhone horizontally and get a little ruler with inches on one side and centimeters on the other! There were a few other changes as well…see the change log below. Overall…another great update to Converter. This app is available through the source. Below are the screenshots.

Other changes with version 0.22
*New currency rates provider: Data provided by Huge thanks to Frederic!
*Scientific notation support: No more “<ε" results! *Standard localization support: Now I'm using Mac's standard localization technique (.lproj folder for each language). BTW as a side effect, you'll need to restart the application after changing the language.

Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b Converter 0.22b

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  1. The ruler is sweet!!

  2. Where do you go to access the ruler?

  3. Jason,
    Just rotate your iPhone to landscape mode :)

  4. lol
    BTW there’re six (not seven) new measurements: I guess you’ve counted “Data Transfer” as two different measurements :)

  5. I might be really stupid, butt i’m not able to find US dollars in the converter. Where do I look for that?


  6. Jeroen,
    What language do you use?

    I’m aware now of a problem with Dutch translation,
    You can find the US Dollar under V.A.E Dirham :)

  7. Yep, i’m using dutch.. So you,re saying that V.A.E is the same rate as US Dollars?

  8. Antonio Max says

    Your website is just amazing, keep the good work, this and the iphoneatlas are just my bibles on iphone, a dailly must see. Cheers!
    Btw, this app rocks.

  9. Jeroen:
    Yes :)
    I’ll surely fix that for the next release :)

  10. 2 Vladimir: That will be great..

  11. Thanks for the great app.
    After upgrading to the 0.22b version there is a problem with the way the values are diplayed, e.g. if I convert 100 EUR to USD the result is 1.6E+02 USD. Similarly 1 km converts to 3.3E+03 ft and so on. How can this problem be solved?

  12. Gunther:
    Just move the “Precision bar” (right above keyboard) to the right

  13. Great job Vladimir!!!
    תודה רבה לך : )

  14. A level (using the accelerometer) would be a great addition to the ruler. It could be added in the ruler screen (where the white dot is).

  15. This is super awesome apps!

  16. Hi Vladimir, I kee getting and error trying to refresh the currrency rates, Im conected wireless and I can navigated with safari, but the exchange rates do not refresh.


  17. Hi,
    After updating to 2.0 I’m missing just one app, guess what. So are there any plans to release an official AppStore Version?
    THX Marc

  18. Hi Marc
    It’s on the AppStore now. The new name is “The Converter”.

  19. Hi.
    Do anyone know where to find this great tool on firmware 2.1?

  20. I upgradet my iPhone to 2.0 and loaded from rge AppStore “The Converter”
    (1) There is no mor Deutsche Mark (DM) .. missing it
    (2) also it was easier to switch fast from one currency into another. For example from UDS to Bath to EUR and back ….

    So I would like to get the older one. How can I do that?

    Thnx, Petra

  21. What a clever app. Great work and very good interface. Recommend. Please consider more UK kitchen conversions for eg: UK cup (250ml). Us down under use UK capacities. Thanks