GeoPedia 0.11

GeoPedia GeoPedia is an app that brings up information based on where you are located. When you open the app on your iPhone, it will locate you. It will then open an internet browser with entries based on where you are located. The first entry is always flickr picture based on your location. If you tap on Flickr pictures, you will get thumbnails of the images…if you tap on an image, it will bring up that images flickr page. To get back to the main list, tap the Back arrow twice. If you select another entry on the main list, you will get three options for that entry; Wikipeida Article, Map and Related Articles. Wikipedia Article brings up the Wiki article for that entry…say The Golden Gate National Recreational Area, Map gives you a map for that entry and Related Articles brings up a list of articles related to that entry. I’m not sure where these articles are pulled from but, there are times when it doesn’t find any related article…it just depends on the entry. Overall, very cool (and highly informative) and it was very accurate in finding my location. GeoPedia is available through the Trivialware source. Below are some screenshots.

GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11 GeoPedia 0.11

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  1. pretty coo

  2. Ya, its like Google locals. I think they should make an app that uses Google Locals, will have a wider database.

  3. what is google locals? I saw something in a podcast months ago, where they said it would be cool to have local websites, so if people log into the public free open wlan of a city, or use their cellphone, they will see sites from local stores etc.

    Is it something like that ?

  4. Da187suspect says

    Has anyone tried to add this source? Why I’m asking is I just want to make sure the Source is safe.

  5. does this work for itouch? Whenever I open the app it says “connection failed” even thought i”m connected to wifi. Has anyone else tried this?

    • Sometimes I get the Connections Failed error too…even though I am connected to Wifi…I just do it a few times and then it works. It doesn’t happen very often. As for working on the Touch…I’m not sure. lapuraverdura brings up a good point in the comment #7.

    • Ok…I FINALLY found some info about this app. It indeed needs both network and cell signal to run.

  6. Hi Brooke , does it support other contries beside the US ?

  7. lapuraverdura says

    I believe this app doesn’t work with the itouch, because the only way you can be located is thru the cell towers so you need to have a cell phone, there is no gps on these devices.

  8. This app works for me and I am in Toronto, Canada. Am wondering how the first flickr images that come up are choosen? The pics that came up for my location, I noticed are from someones personal photos from flickr. Although he comes from this area also, I wouldn’t say that the pics are really of the area. The are of people in a high school. Although the school is in the area, a better pic should have been choosen. Does this have to do with the way the images are tagged and named by the individual’s flickr pages/pics?

  9. I don’t manage to find this application ; may somebody say me where I can find it ? Or send it to me ? Thanks a lot !


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