ShopList 0.34

ShopList Honestly guys, I do not see anything new in version 0.34 of ShopList. The app functions the same and there are no new options. So, it must just be coding stuff! Let me know if you guys notice anything. I still like this app for making lists! Shoplist is available through the Trivialware source.

ShopList 0.34

GeoStars 0.1

GeoStars We have already seen an app that allows you to search Wikipedia based on your location (Geopedia) now we have GeoStars which is an app that searches Yahoo based on location. When you open the app it will locate you. After it has successfully located your position, it will then open a web browser where you can enter what you would like to search for. It will then bring up a list of results. The results are ordered by [Read more…]

ShopList 0.32

ShopList ShopList is a simple little app that allows you to create shopping lists. It opens to a blank main screen…to add a list just tap Add in the upper right corner. Once you have entered the List Name just tap Save in the upper left corner. Now, you will see your list on the main screen. To add items to your list, tap on it and then tap add in the upper right corner. The Item is the item you need, such as bread, the Desc adds a little subnote below the item, such as wheat. (see screenshots). Once you have your Item entered [Read more…]

GeoPedia 0.11

GeoPedia GeoPedia is an app that brings up information based on where you are located. When you open the app on your iPhone, it will locate you. It will then open an internet browser with entries based on where you are located. The first entry is always flickr picture based on your location. If you tap on Flickr pictures, you will get thumbnails of the images…if you tap on an image, it will bring up that images flickr page. To get back to the main list, tap the Back arrow twice. If you select another entry on the main list, you will get three options for that entry [Read more…]