GeoStars 0.1

GeoStars We have already seen an app that allows you to search Wikipedia based on your location (Geopedia) now we have GeoStars which is an app that searches Yahoo based on location. When you open the app it will locate you. After it has successfully located your position, it will then open a web browser where you can enter what you would like to search for. It will then bring up a list of results. The results are ordered by the number of stars the listing has (the more stars…the higher it is on the results list). You can then tap on a result to get more info such as; the phone number, how far it is from your location, the website, the ability to view it in Maps, Yahoo local pages info, what categories the listing is in, the average rating and number of ratings it has had. It is pretty sweet!! It is also very accurate in locating the correct position…at least it was for me. GeoStars is available through the Trivialware source.

GeoStars 0.1 GeoStars 0.1 GeoStars 0.1 GeoStars 0.1 GeoStars 0.1 GeoStars 0.1

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  1. briiliant app !
    i hope it will available soon in my country