ShopList 0.34

ShopList Honestly guys, I do not see anything new in version 0.34 of ShopList. The app functions the same and there are no new options. So, it must just be coding stuff! Let me know if you guys notice anything. I still like this app for making lists! Shoplist is available through the Trivialware source.

ShopList 0.34

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  1. I have this app installed and all day today it shows one update and it is for this app. It just goes back and forth between updating from version 0.32 to 0.34. I cannot remove it from showing in the update. This has never happened for me. I have tried uninstalling, then re-installing but it does the same. How can I remove this irritating update notification?


  2. Hi Folks,

    The main reason for the ShopList update was the new feature of exporting and importing lists to text files. It is a command line interface so you need ssh. Pretty low level stuff nevertheless useful to some. For more details check

    • Hello Felipe,
      would you know what the problem might be when the ShopList application just splashes and then falls back into the Springboard.
      I posted a question about that more in details (comment nr.3) on Monday.

  3. Hi there,
    I’ve had Shoplist 0.34 running smoothly for quite a few months, but out of a sudden I just get a splash screen when I open it and the application springs back to the springboard

    I am on a jailbraked iPhone version 1.1.3 and haven’t done any installation before it appeared not to work anymore – I just used boss prefs to hide and make visible some applications before the problem started

    does anybody know what might be the problem and how to solve it?
    or if I uninstall the application, can I just install it again and have my lists and data available to use or does all the data get lost with the uninstallation?
    cheers for anybody who can help me.