Collage 2.1

Collage Version 2.1 of Collage just makes a small change to the app. Instead of having the option to Fave or Flag a photo…the options are now; Like, Dislike and Report. If you do not want to do anything just tap the photo and it will go back to the main screen. I personally really like this app…I think it is cool that the photos are added live from all over the world! Collage is available through the iApp-a-Day source.

Collage 2.1Collage 2.1

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  1. I updated to 2.1 and now it just opens and crashes, i tried to uninstall and reinstall and still teh same problem i cant get it to work

  2. I like Collage as well! I’m a bit confused because I never see any of the photos that I have submitted. Do I need to do something special to submit a photo? thanks…