iPac3D 0.0.31

iPac3D iPac3D is a game based off of Pac-Man created by Marco Giorgini. This game is fully 3D and is based of the Yeti3D engine. The player is Pac-Man in a first person view rooming around in a labyrinth. The object is to collect all the purple cubes without being killed by a human. If you collect a certain type of cube, you will be able to kill the humans for a short amount of time. There are 15 levels in iPac3D. The game works at full speed in both portrait and landscape mode. The AI (the intelligence) of the enemy can be very bad. Sometimes they run into walls and just stay there! The controls work well because there are a good number of options but, I defiantly recommend using the accelerometer. There are three levels of difficulty and there is also a high score table. The only time I truly enjoyed this game was when I used the accelerometer. You can get iPac3D from the marcogiorgini.com source. There are some screen shots below :).

iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31 iPac3D 0.0.31

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  1. would just like to point out that the hyperlink in the summary of this game is missing an e in apple so it wont load up the sources page

  2. When I update my sources Marcogiorgini.com source doesn’t have anything it goes into uncatergorized? Please help me solve this problem.

  3. This app froze my iPhone. It would start up and stick on the apple logo for hours if I let it. I couldn’t get into the phone. I did a full restore and don’t think Ill be installing this one again.

  4. atrophic says

    defiantly is not the same as definitely

  5. through iphone installer i install this game and icon shows in screen but game cant open?


  6. biphoniaMon says

    Si te interesa tener un Ipad, pero sin pagar nada puedes utilizar esta pagina ipad gratis


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