Millionaire 0.6

Millionaire The Millionaire app has been in the Installer for a day or so through the iSpazio source but, we haven’t done a post on it because it is in a different language! But, the app looks really really cool and I couldn’t handle waiting! So, I went out searching…figured someone our there probably hacked it and I was right! ak406 from ModMyiFone translated some of the questions into English and changed the db file (domande.db file)! First, I will tell you how the game works then, I will give you info on how to install the English questions.

The app opens to a main menu with the following three choices; New game, Preferences and About. The Preferences option allows you to turn on/off Sounds and Old money levels (I have no idea what old money levels are!). Ok, once you are back on the Main Menu…tap New game to get started. Now you will see your first questions and the four answers to choose from. To choose your answer just tap on it…you will get a pop-up confirming that is the answer you would like to choose. At the bottom of the screen is the money level you are on and a Preferences button (you can go into the Preferences, change them and go back to where you were in the game with no problem).

If you don’t know the answer and would like some help, you have four Lifelines at the top; 50:50, Phone a Friend, Audience Opinion and Question Switch. When you choose one of the Lifelines you will get a pop-up making sure you want to use that Lifeline. What is really sweet is if you select the Phone a Friend Lifeline, it brings up your Contact List and you can choose who you want to call. From there you can either simulate the call or really call that person! If you call someone, once they are on the line you can tap the Home button on your iPhone and open the app back up and it will open to where you left off. Then, you can read the question and the answers to the person on the phone. When you are done, just let them hang up so you can stay in the app! It is really cool!

Overall…a very cool app! I can’t wait for the English update but until then here is what you can do:

HERE is the ModMyiFone page that contains the English domande.db file by ak406. You will want to SSH the file it into the Applications/ folder. You might want to drag the original domande.db file off first just in case because, this will overwrite the original file. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of translated questions and most of the questions are about movies but, it is definitely good enough to try out the app! Below are some screenshots.

Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6 Millionaire 0.6

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  1. Awesomee!! nothing like doing some late night browsing after midnight and get brand new posts on apps! lol looks pretty fun….time to try this out =]

  2. Now for Deal or No Deal.

  3. Doug I found a great app for a pc instead of SSH try iPhonePCSuite its great and easy.

  4. How can I insert lines to an SQL dbase from any file ( from CSV file )

  5. I’ve found an app to edit SQL files. Added some hundred new questions in Hungarian (fro a simple XLS file) , but it keeps quit all the time… help :)

  6. i cant seem to install this app. when its done downloading in the installer..then it will say installing..evrytime when it starts to install it then i jst go out to the summerboard screen and exits the installer..wth is goin on? lol

  7. oh thanks. i will add the english questions very soon into the installer! thanks to you for this post and to ak406!

  8. it’s not necessary, there is only 10 or 12 questions in the english version….

  9. Cool. Now there are TV Show Programs as iPhone Games !!!

  10. it’s just to start DnP, we have uploaded the application. next support will be for french language. if someone will provide us a better database question we will update it again :)

  11. their is an update today that will do this for us.

  12. Can we add our own questions? Is it possible?

  13. I’ve made the hungarian version with 2300 question (Only first 5 level works…)

  14. i have the ispazio source but the game isn’t listed. does anyone know where I can find this game?