Millionaire 0.6.1

Millionaire SWEET ACTION! Version 0.6.1 of Millionaire now supports English!! I checked my Installer before we went out for lunch (Texas Roadhouse…YUM) and it wasn’t there but, when I got back from lunch it was!! Very cool! The app plays the same as before…it is just in English now! Though, the currency is not in dollars but, maybe we will see that in the next update. Millionaire is available through the iSpazio source.

Note: For info on how the game works…click on the Millionaire link above!

Millionaire 0.6.1

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  1. Is is possible to add your own questions to this (possibly via SSH)?

    If not, they should totally add that possibility. It would make the ultimate sweet way to study.

  2. Hey Brooke!
    I downloaded Millionaire, the only one I could find thru the ISpazio source & it’s in Italian. There isn’t any app with Millionaire 0.61, nor is there an update thru installer.
    How did u get this to work for u cuz I would luv 2 have this game?
    Thanx so much for all the hard work u do, I adore this site, I’m on here constantly, nite & day!
    hope ur having an awesome weekend,
    Mystique :)

    • Hey Brooke!
      Please disregard this question! I tried refreshing my sources & that made the update appear! How cool is this game,huh?
      Mystique :)

  3. we know this steve, next update will fix the valute, for the questions… we are not american/english, so we are using a questions database that an user did, btw we will continue to work on it ;)

  4. A lot of the answers to the current questions are answer A, too…..maybe it’s just with me, or is everyone noticing this? Anyway, figured I would throw that out there too as a note

  5. nice game, i like to play while travel to work…
    there are two things, that could be better:
    – phone joker isn’t possible with ipod touch. why not emulating a answer like in other millionaire-style games? (as option in settings, if you would call somebody in real or emulate it)
    – in my tries, i felt that the questions are not related to the level? there should be easy questions on beginning and getting harder, when the money level is higher (like in the real show)

    but hey, its on a good way… and if somebody generates german questions, would be great ;)

    regards, stefan

    • oh, just seen on a other website, on iphone you will be asked if you will do a real call or a simulation after selecting a phonebook entry.
      i hope, it is not that hard to fix up, that this will work wit simulation on ipod touch?

      would be great, so we could use all jokers…


    • …and one more… (i hope, i have not too much wishes)

      are the letters (A-D) defined in the db? or would it be possible to shuffle?
      it would be more difficult to remember the unknown answers…


    • netroach says

      just tried a little around…
      application crashes only, when there is no number in adressbook entry.
      so i added phone numbers to my main contacts and can use phone-joker now too…


  6. May be some folks who have good and huge databse of all USA/Europe’s Who Wants to be A Millionair could contribute to the question database and submit them to to enchance the questions.

  7. Hungarian questions are ready :) (5000 of them) But how can I add accentuated letters? The app crashed when I tried to do that…