Millionaire 0.6.3

Millionaire Indeed, there is yet another update to Millionaire…bringing it to version 0.6.3. There are no visual changes with this update however, it seems the app now supports eight languages. After taking a look at the app via SSH…they have added German and Russian to the language list (it already supports English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). It also seems that they have improved the question database yet again (see screenshot below for the coolest question so far!). According to the Developer’s website there are currently – “85 questions for the English version, 180 questions for the French version, 52 questions in Portuguese, 75 questions in Spanish, and more than 2000 questions in Italian and Russian!” Also, when you Install the app you will get a pop-up letting you know that if you would like to help write questions and/or translate them into a different language, you can contact the developer. You can reach the developer at The one thing I would still like to see is the current currency…we will see what the next update brings! Millionaire is avialbale through the iSpazio source.

Millionaire 0.6.3 Millionaire 0.6.3 Millionaire 0.6.3

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  1. on the next version you will see this fix and a new menu to choose your language ;)

  2. I’d really like some real Millionaire questions that gradually get harder as the amount of money increases.

    Questions like who made the iPhone, when playing this game on an iPhone, is really basically handing cash to the player.

    But really, Like this application and they should keep it up.

  3. Gracias ispazio por el idioma espaƱol! Thanks for the language Spanish!

  4. Yablonsky says

    True…..the questions need to get harder.
    This should be simple enough…just add another field to the Database for question # and only pull the questions suitable for that level of question.
    I did find a question that had an incorrect answer.
    How do we get the answers fixed?

    btw…..Love the Game…

  5. Da187suspect says

    Can someone please explain why this app isn’t working for me any longer? I open up the app, and it just goes back to my home screen, anyone else have this problem? Is there something else I need to install/unistall?

  6. New Millionaire 0.7
    Language and currency selection !!!
    Excellent !!!
    Thanks !