ParkingLot 1.0

Parking Lot Parking Lot is a fun little puzzle game. The object of the game is to get the yellow car out of the parking lot. To do this, you must move the other cars out of the way. The cars can be moved forward or backward but not sideways (you know, like a normal car moves!). The exit is straight in front of the yellow car so, as you move the other cars out of the way you can move it toward the exit until it is completely unblocked. I was totally addicted to this game and played the entire time I watch American Idol last night! I know it is all very sad! :) There are 40 levels total and they get harder each time…I think I only got up to #11. ParkingLot is available through the FreeMyiPhone source.

ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0 ParkingLot 1.0

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  1. This is a fun game, just like the rush hour game available at toy stores. But after opening the app and exiting, I was unable to go back and play. The app opens and starts at puzzle 0 with no pieces on the screen, and will not let you skip to other puzzles. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with same result. I’m on 1.1.4.

  2. will this work on 1.1.4?

  3. Da187suspect says

    This works perfectly on mine, 1.1.4 8gb iPhone and I’m able to swtich to the next level without any problems. I even installed it on two co-workers 1.1.2 iPod Tocuh

  4. Works on my 1.1.4 iPhone. This i a great app. Very addictive. Similar to Block Puzzle with a different twist. Love the idea of a parking lot and cars. I am stuck on level 12 right now. HEHHHH.

  5. great game, already beat it though ha

  6. Now stuck on 24.

  7. I’m stuck on level 23 :(

    And it works perfectly on my 1.1.4 16GB iPhone

  8. It seem like no one cant help me….I started like 15 min ago n im in lot 26 , already 5 min and i cant solve it…

  9. Ive spent like 2 hours on 25 now and can’t do it.

    • 25 took me a while too. Leave it and come back to it when you are fresh. It’s actually not that hard – not more or less moves than others, just needs a different approach.

      I’m so addicted to this game. I sent the coder $5. If you want more levels, I suggest a little incentive to the developer. :-)

  10. Im stuck on lot 35…. still can’t figure out how to solve it….

  11. Whatever guys!! Are you trying to make my level 11 look bad! You’re killing me here. Does it help that American Idol was tevo’d so it was really only like 20 minutes long…so, I only got 20 minutes to play!

  12. Some levels are very difficult, but I’m on the 38 now… I want mooooore. ;-)

  13. Finished, sniffffs, snifffffss. :,-(

  14. Anonymous says

    anyone knows how to beat 27… its been taking me forever!!!

  15. Officially stuck on level 40 now, it seems impossible.

  16. can some one help me on level 31. there is no way to finsih this level. I tried it many many times. thanks

    • Hi, I’m stuck on that level (31) as well,
      Please someone help me

    • Same here! I’ve been on level 31 for 4 days now and have gotten a few headaches from it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi, I’m stuck on that level (31) as well,
      Please someone help me too.

  17. really nice game
    works fine (1.1.4)

  18. Finally cleared level 40! Sweet. WOO-HOO. Have screenshots in tiff format if anyone needs helps.

  19. Screenshots of level 31-40

  20. how do u complete level 38!?

  21. I got through this game in 2 days and think it is AWESOME!!! When will there be an update? Is there other games like this?

  22. Already completed in 3 days! Awesome game! Addictive.

    I contacted the developer and he said next set of puzzles (40 puzzles) are on its way. ParkingLot will also be upgrade so that it supports multiple sets of puzzles. May I suggest we donate him as a little incentive? I already did :)

  23. The best game,,,full ratings,,,its one of the best game ever played on iPhone, Completed all the 40 levels in one day… waiting for some more levels to come…. A fun and interesting game,,,Grab it
    iPhone -8GB version 1.1.4

  24. I now have the screenshots of all level if someone needs them. Feel free to message me for them.

  25. Anonymous says

    email wont work, can u post the scnreenshots for level 40?

  26. i was on 36 but then i restored and i lost my status…
    had to start again, am now on 16 :(

  27. Luv this game!! Installed App a week ago. Stuck on Level 31 for five days now….help!!!!!!!!

  28. i am on 1.1.4, the game works and is awesome!
    BUT when i exit, it starts at level 0 with no pieces and i cant go anywhere or do anything… same problem as the “archie” fellow in the first comment. any suggestions??

    • Hi, did u manage to resolve the issue of the parkinglot 1.0 with no cars at level 0? I always have to uninstal and install. I am on 1.1.3

    • the new version of parking lot (i think 1.2) fixed that problem…

  29. anyone got any clues on how i can get by level 16?

  30. im stucked on level 29 for 3 days now :(

  31. hey im stuck at 40 can someone help

  32. New Version (1.2) is available for download in Installer now (mine uses sources or

  33. stingray says

    i’ve installed ver 1.2 and now im stucked on puzzle 31 :( someone please help….

  34. hi I have installed parking lot version 1.2. on iphone 1.1.4 its only work once when i install it the second time i try to open it does not open up. can someone help me on this. the previous version 1.0 was working fine but i have lost that how can i restore it again. plzz help !!

  35. I am stuck in level 25, Can I get some help?!?!? I’ve been stuck here for days and need to know how. Thanks a lot

  36. thanks if you were trying to help me with lot number 25 but now I need help in lot 27 please if you can help me. Thanks

  37. I like this game. now, I found new version on App Store. They update to 2.0 and add more than 300+ levels.

  38. Pleaseee!!!! i can´t do number 27!!!! please the ones that already finished, tell me how you did it!!!!! Seriously i´ve been on that level since last month!!!!!


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