New ParkingLot Puzzle Pack – Parking Pack 1.0

ParkingLot FreeMyiPhone has just released a new puzzle pack for ParkingLot titled Parking Pack. So, now all you guys who are like…”Oh yeah, I already passed all the levels.”…like five minutes after I post a new article about ParkingLot, have a few more puzzles to get going on!! :) When you are in the application, after you have installed the Parking Pack, you will want to select Packs on the lower menu bar. You can then scroll through the packs until you get to pack 3 of 3…the title of the pack is Cairo. Cairo adds [Read more…]

ParkingLot 1.2

ParkingLot ParkingLot version 1.2 has quite the new look! The object of the game is still the same, get the yellow Bug out of the parking lot, however the app has a lot of new features. I love that the parking lot now looks like a real parking lot! There are parking spaces, handicap spaces, there are even those little yellow cement things. You know, the ones you try desperately not to hit the front of your car on when you are parking!

Once you have opened the app, you will notice that there is a new information section at the top of the screen. Here you are given information about the puzzle you are playing. The information section displays [Read more…]

Sudoku Plus (Alpha) 1.05a

Sudoku Plus Sudoku Plus is a puzzle game based off of the mind boggling game, Sudoku. It has over 100 puzzles with 3 levels of difficulties. The interface is simple, click on a box and choose a number. Once you are finished adding your numbers hit “check” and hope you got it correct. Sudoku Plus was made by HuangzICT, and you can get it from the FreeMyiPhone source. Check out the screen shots below!

Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a
[Read more…]

ParkingLot 1.0

Parking Lot Parking Lot is a fun little puzzle game. The object of the game is to get the yellow car out of the parking lot. To do this, you must move the other cars out of the way. The cars can be moved forward or backward but not sideways (you know, like a normal car moves!). The exit is straight in front of the yellow car so, as you move the other cars out of the way you can move it toward the exit until it is completely unblocked. I was totally addicted to this game and played the entire time I watch American Idol last night! I know it is all very sad! :) [Read more…]