Sudoku Plus (Alpha) 1.05a

Sudoku Plus Sudoku Plus is a puzzle game based off of the mind boggling game, Sudoku. It has over 100 puzzles with 3 levels of difficulties. The interface is simple, click on a box and choose a number. Once you are finished adding your numbers hit “check” and hope you got it correct. Sudoku Plus was made by HuangzICT, and you can get it from the FreeMyiPhone source. Check out the screen shots below!

Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a
Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a Sudoku Plus (Alpha)1.05a

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  1. Adrian Robinson says

    where can I go to download all these programs onto my Iphone. Or, are all these just web apps

    • You have to jailbreak your iPhone first…then you can download 3rd party apps. If you are not comfortable jailbreaking your iPhone, you could hold out until Apple releases the App Store and then you can add 3rd party apps without jailbreaking your iPhone. But, they are not releasing it until sometime in June (knowing Apple, they will waiting until June 30th :) ).

  2. great game! i suggest to make a “Save Game” option, puzzle takes a long time to solve, and sometimes i need to use the phone or another app while playing.

  3. Game saving is absolutely needed and old vercion of sudoku for 1.1.1 had it. Without that feature the game is rather useless for me

  4. SS and Paul are all correct !
    it’s just need a game saving to become perfect …

  5. Sahil, How is the dock thing in the installer different?

  6. what about the ability to “mark up” on the puzzle…in other words…have little numbers in top corners as possible answers…when the puzzles are tough, i need the ability to sorta have some placeholders so i can remember…….and of course…yeah, ya gotta be able to save and come back to it.

  7. May I ask where you got those icons and dock image for your device?

  8. I like this game, but do agree, it needs a save function. I also think it would be cool if in easy mode, you could check each square to see if it is correct. It may help you out a little and that is good for us Sudoku newbs. :-)

  9. Kathy Pawlak says

    Where can I get AlphaSudoku. My husband has dementia and it will help him to excercise his brain.
    Thank you.