ParkingLot 1.2

ParkingLot ParkingLot version 1.2 has quite the new look! The object of the game is still the same, get the yellow Bug out of the parking lot, however the app has a lot of new features. I love that the parking lot now looks like a real parking lot! There are parking spaces, handicap spaces, there are even those little yellow cement things. You know, the ones you try desperately not to hit the front of your car on when you are parking!

Once you have opened the app, you will notice that there is a new information section at the top of the screen. Here you are given information about the puzzle you are playing. The information section displays how many moves you have made, the puzzle pack you are in, which puzzle you are on in that puzzle pack, your record and the difficulty of the puzzle you are current playing. You will also notice a new lower menu bar. When you open the app the options are; Packs, Puzzles, Reset and About. If you select Packs, you can then choose to go to the Previous Pack or the Next Pack. At this time, there are two packs available, Athens and Bangkok. Each of the packs contain 40 puzzles. If you select the Puzzles options, you can then go to the Previous and Next Puzzle within the pack. You can tell which pack and puzzle you are currently on in the information at the top of the screen. I also noticed that you can only go forward five, then you will get a pop-up saying you need to solve a puzzle before you can go any further.

When you clear a puzzle (get the yellow Bug out of the parking lot) you will get a pop-up displaying which puzzle was just cleared, how many moves it took to clear the puzzle and what your record moves for that puzzle are (the lowest number of moves it has ever taken you to clear the puzzle). You are also given the following options; Next Puzzle, Play Again and Minimum Moves. The Minimum Moves option will take to you a webpage that will display the lowest number of moves that have been discovered for that puzzle. It is pretty interesting! I seriously love this app!! It is one of those that I play for like WAY too long before actually writing the article about it!! ParkingLot is available through the FreeMyiPhone source.

Note: There is also a new icon…subtle changes but still new none the less.

ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2 ParkingLot 1.2

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  1. super game just got better !!

  2. bigmcq77 says

    the thing I hate is if you beat a level then chooses minimum moves it won’t save that you beat that level if you go back into the game.

    • Well, your moves are recorded so you know you beat it. I think it let’s you move anywhere now. It’s not like before where you can’t go to the next puzzle. I can access all of them, and if they have a record in it, then it means you beat it.

  3. Simply perfect!!! LOL

  4. I have allready cleared all 40 levels in the first pack. Pack 1 of 2 Athens. I have screenshots of levels 20 – 40 if anyone needs help. Will get to pack 2 of 2 Bangkok later and will have screenshots also.

    Good Luck……………….

  5. Loved this game….but since I have already solved them all…I guess there is a new pack…I think I’ll update for the new pack.

    Still….LOVE THIS GAME..
    I have the Flash version if anyone wants it

  6. Aargh…upgrading to the new version wiped out all my previous progress, so now I’m back to the beginning again. (Despite what Andres says, the game still only lets you go to level 5 without solving them.) I wish I’d know that before I upgraded since I was up to level 32.

    • Oh! You are right. It stops at 5. My bad. But you know what. The other day I played the old parking lot again, and got to level 40 in not time. Once you’ve done them, you’ve already developed a method ( even if you don’t know it ). Or if you want another perspective, if they are still hard to do again, then it just means it’s just as fun as before. Isn’t that why we get these games in the first place? To distract ourselves and pass the time. Get back to level 32!

  7. Have cleared Pack 2 of 2 Bankok. Some of them are tricky but if you keep at it you can solve it. I have finished both packs and have screenshots of all levels for pack 2 Bankok.
    Screenshots @:

    Good luck….

  8. greatest game ever

  9. when i installed the updated version, there’s no icon on my springboard. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and still don’t work.little help pls..

  10. when you upgraded to the new 1.2, does it appear in your installer that you need to update parking lot 1.0?

  11. Yes, I have an “upgrade” also, if you do so, it downgrades to 1.0 and asks to upgrade to 1.2 and the whole story again… :)

  12. How did you solved level 39?
    i tried so may times i tought something is wrong with the level

  13. bigmcq77 says

    there is a game called rush hour which is the original game but you physically moved the little plastic card and trucks on the grid and you would set it up from card it came with

  14. i am having trouble installing it it tells me error package download failed and it has been doing that since yesterday and it also tells me that for all the other apps i want to add even if i want to uninstall some
    any help??? since i really like this game????

    • Clear your download queue. There must have been one app that failed on you, and it’s stuck in the queue. That’s why it appears that all your apps are failing.

  15. Ya when I try to download this it says Package download failed! I have cleared my cache too. Hope this gets fixed soon. Would like to try this.

  16. Hi,

    Last night I got the package download failed too, but it’s working fine now. Also I noticed it’s labelled 1.2.1 which removes the bug on the puzzle advancement. You beat the puzzle, click minimum moves and you can get back to the next level you deserved. With 1.2 you can’t.

    Looks like the resolves the version conflict between and BigBoss.


  17. hi once i update parking lot 1.2.1 i cannot open it the screen just loads for 2 sec and then it disappears. the previous version was working fine. how can i get that back. plzz help !! i m using iphone 1.1.4 version…..

  18. Try removing a few apps. I guess you’re running out of spaces.

  19. woa!
    I’ve been trying to match the minimum moves for all levels, and I just made 1 move less on Bangkok level 39. It was 44 moves before, now it’s 43
    Too bad there’s no record for min moves on last level, though

  20. kangarool says

    What about the new iphone/ipod touch 2.0 software? Is Parking Lot available in the App Store? I don’t want to upgrade if I can’t get/play Parking Lot, because I still have a ways to go in Bangkok, and now there’s a new pack available too!!

  21. I could use some help on level 39 of 40 on athens, I’ve tried it for a couple hours now and could not get it. If you have it, please send screenshots or a tutorial/guide to

    Thanks – Kyler S.

  22. How do i get this application? Do i need to jail break my iphone? and where can i go to learn how to and how to install this game?

  23. niceeeeeeeeeeee


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