New ParkingLot Puzzle Pack – Parking Pack 1.0

ParkingLot FreeMyiPhone has just released a new puzzle pack for ParkingLot titled Parking Pack. So, now all you guys who are like…”Oh yeah, I already passed all the levels.”…like five minutes after I post a new article about ParkingLot, have a few more puzzles to get going on!! :) When you are in the application, after you have installed the Parking Pack, you will want to select Packs on the lower menu bar. You can then scroll through the packs until you get to pack 3 of 3…the title of the pack is Cairo. Cairo adds 40 new puzzles to the game! Though, they do seem a little tougher than in the previous puzzles! They are definitly way past me…I’m still working on the first puzzle pack!! Parking Pack is available through the FreeMyiPhone source.

Parking Pack 1.0 Parking Pack 1.0

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  1. And if you donates, you get an additional puzzle pack! :D

  2. oh cool 40 new levels to solve :)
    ParkingLot was my absolute favourite game on iPod – until I solved the 2 packs. Nice time-killer^^

  3. @brooke: how many levels have you already completed in Pack 1?
    Don´t care, it´s a man-game :D

  4. ketanitem says

    It’s a nice and addictive game! I am still working on my Pack 2, still on level 6 .. huh …

  5. Arus this game is for anyone. I can solve any puzzle under 5-7mins. :D

  6. can you show to solve it under 5-6 mminutes?
    i took me the whole day to figure out pack 1 lvl 35

  7. The puzzle 37 is impossible to solve !!!

  8. Yea I still cant get pass lvl 37 on pack 3. I think its impossible

  9. Man i am stuck on lvl 37 of Cairo. any one know how to get passed it?

  10. Am totally stuck on level 37 too… was it set as a trick?

  11. Man I dont think level 37 is even possible. If that blue car behind the bug wasnt there it would be different.

    I think this pack is easier than the others though. That or I just got better at this because of the first 2 packs.

  12. 37… indeed impossible!!!!!!

    only took few hours to complete the first two pack but then this lvl 37 i spent more time on it then all the others add together and still cant get pass it!!!

    might be a bug

  13. I now how to pass on level 37 of Cairo pack.

  14. kick y Iphone in the wall

  15. It´s Impossibleeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  16. andiunti says

    I am totally stuck at level 37 like so many others. In my opinion it’s absolutely impossible to solve.

  17. Theres a fix in the installer that lets you pass level 37. Its on the freemyiphone source. Finally was able to beat this pack.

    Now to just get the minimum moves for level 38-40.

  18. Ever since this app was updated I have been having problems with it. I download it with no problems, am able to open the app, and then play. But once I end the game and go out of the app and return to the game, the game crashes. And it just kicks me out each time I try to go back in. I’ve uninstalled it to reinstall the game many times and the same thing continues to happen. I am able to play and once I leave, the game crashes. Please help. I have the Ipod Touch and have 1.1.4. Thanks.

  19. Housam - lebanon says

    I complete the 3 pack just reinstate parkinglot and you pass level 37

  20. Housam - lebanon says

    I complete the 3 pack just reinstall the parkinglot and you pass level 37

  21. VIince O says

    When i try to play this game it only shows the 1st screen, dims a little then exits out.

  22. I am having the same problem, i was playing, and it came up with an error message (cant remember what it said) but it kicked me out of the game, and it hasnt started up since, ive tried reinstalling it , and still same thing, first screen dims, and then it crashes

  23. You need to update to the latest version to get past level 37. If you make it there you will have only the yellow Beetle on that level, a 1 move to solve it. Prior to the update it was impossible. These levels are more difficult but solvable. I have screenshots of all levels on all 3 packs if someone needs help. Email for them. Good luck.