rWallpaper 1.2

rWallpaper Version 1.2 of rWallpaper is pretty cool! When you open the app…you are now able to choose how often you would like the Wallpaper to change. It starts at every ten minutes and goes by one minute intervals up to 60 minutes. So, your Wallpaper can change every ten minute up to once an hour. I think this is a great idea and it should keep it from draining your battery as quickly as it did in the previous version. rWallpaper is available through the Skrew source.

rWallpaper 1.2 rWallpaper 1.2 rWallpaper 1.2

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  1. hey like i have this thing and im on 1.1.2 and when i hit activate and use photos on, it like changes my photos, but see the photos they change arnt in my camera roll, wallpapers, or photo libary?? lol i mean i remember adding these pics from the regular wallpaper and yea i dono wat happened to these pics do u no where they get the pictures from? and i also checked in the wallpaper app photos and there not in there? lol

  2. Where is the download link? The “available from Skrew Source” link just links to a page telling me what sources are, not to Skrew Source itself. And the green download button in the center of the page shows it links to some Google Ad agency thing.