rWallpaper 1.2

rWallpaper Version 1.2 of rWallpaper is pretty cool! When you open the app…you are now able to choose how often you would like the Wallpaper to change. It starts at every ten minutes and goes by one minute intervals up to 60 minutes. So, your Wallpaper can change every ten minute up to once an hour. I think this is a great idea and it should keep it from draining your battery as quickly as it did in the previous version. rWallpaper is available through the Skrew source.

rWallpaper 1.2 rWallpaper 1.2 rWallpaper 1.2

rWallpaper 1.00

rWallpaper rWallpaper is an app that automatically changes your SpringBoard wallpaper (and yes it has the same icon as the Wallpaper app!). This is the first release of this app so, it is very simple at the moment (and has a few bugs) but it is a SUPER sweet concept!! I have been waiting for this. Ok…so, when you install the app…it will put the app icon on your SpringBoard and another icon titled rWallHack (which does nothing…just needed for the app to work). When you open the app you have three options; Activate which turns the app on, Use Photos which pulls the Wallpapers from your Camera Roll and Gamma which adjusts the brightness of the Wallpaper (the higher the number…the brighter the wallpaper). If you do not turn on Use Photos… [Read more…]