Top 5 TTR Themes!

TTR TTR has been a huge success, and with the rising popularity, there have been some great user made themes for it. Since there are good amounts of themes, I decided to select the top 5 themes. This is obviously my opinion, so feel free to disagree :), also add any themes you like in your comment, or how you would reorder my list.

In order to install any of these themes, just copy and past the files into your Applications/ folder on your iPhone/iPod by using SSH. TTR is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Top 5 TTR Themes
Top 5 TTR Themes
This Guitar Hero lll theme is made by Gyroxide.
Download HERE

Top 5 TTR Themes
Top 5 TTR Themes
This theme was modified by kint. Amazing back rounds were added to everything, along with sparkles.
Download HERE

Top 5 TTR Themes
Top 5 TTR Themes
This theme was also made by kint. The main reason I liked this theme is because it is a totally original idea. Everything in this theme works well, the colors, the note, and everything else J.
Download HERE

Top 5 TTR Themes
Top 5 TTR Themes
This Guitar Hero lll theme is made by zibook from the Ipod Touch Fans Forum. The reason I really like this theme is because it looks nice but at the same time, it is clean. Nothing is unnecessary; this theme has the right amount of changes, no to much-not to little.
Download HERE


Top 5 TTR Themes
Top 5 TTR Themes
Spooke made this TTR theme based off Rockband. The first thing to mention is that the graphics are very well done. I have not had an issue were I missed a note, even though I hit the note at the right time. Overall, I just love this theme, it works well and there are no problems.
Download HERE

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  1. K, I’ve downloaded 3 of these themes. I’ve added them, the extracted folder that is, to the folder.
    However, when I go into the TTR application, the new theme is nowhere to be found! Any idea what I did wrong?
    Thanx for any help, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Mystique :)

  2. Anonymous says

    can you download any of these themes from installer?

    • No, they’re to be added by SSH means only, unfortunatly. That’s not a problem, though, as it takes litterally fifteen second. :D

    • that is a very nice theme

    • hmm. has anyone tried this theme? i can’t seem to view the songs that i’ve downloaded. they’re in the TTR folder though, i saw through fugu. however, after installing the theme, there are none shown in the “downloaded songs” folder when i run TTR in my iPhone.

  3. has anyone else tried installing these themes?

    • Chrysalid says

      I use since a while the theme 5 and it runs well
      u have to SSH or iPhone/iTouch and overwrite each files
      do not forget to restart ur iPhone/iTouch
      if it still doesnt work try to set the permissions (0755)

  4. Why didn’t they do an update yet that saves those TTR files? I haven an ipod touch, and even if i get my iphone soon, traffic is money if youre not on the official companies like AT & T and Telekom. Do you know if they plan to release an update to save those dance files?

  5. I love the Rock Band theme; It’s clean and accurate.

  6. What do you mean with pretty much done? Did they drop programming like on that chat client?

    Because it is a really much needed addition !

    • I am pretty sure i read the developer say that he is finished with the game. He says it is done, he also said that it is open-code so if anyone wants to make it better they can.

  7. ok…i’m new to all this, i know this is prolly a dumb question…but what is SSH? and how do i download these themes?

  8. Sorry to ask what appears to be a stupid question, but im having trouble getting the files I’ve downloaded (ie. the rockband skin) from my macbook to my iphone. i have ssh, or at least installer has it for an option to uninstall, but im not sure how to transfer it and make it work. If anyone wouldnt mind helping possibly with a small tutorial of how exactly I could accomplish this I would be very grateful.


  9. Can’t find TTR in the repo.. any suggestions? Are there any skins for TTR3?


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