Millionaire 0.7

Millionaire When you first install version 0.7 of Millionaire…it will not have any language packs installed. You will have to go in and install the language pack that you would like. Currently there are language packs for English, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish. Once you have installed a language pack you can go into the app. There are a few new options in the Preferences including; turning on/off Always Ask Confirm and the ability to choose a language and currency. I also noticed that there seems to be a lot more questions now!! The rest of the app plays the same as in previous versions. Very cool update! Millionaire is available through the iSpazio source.

Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7 Millionaire 0.7

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  1. ONLY ONE update on
    wow brooke, i see you’re now on 1.1.4…
    joke ;)

  2. i want to get SMSD on my 1.1.4 iphone.

    I can’t find it on installer anymore.

    Where did it go?

    does it work on 1.1.4?

    I have a mac. is there an installer only way of getting it to work for 1.1.4 yet?

  3. the language problem has solved!
    great app.

  4. netroach says

    cool, there are german questions (and answers) now :)
    only one thing, in german db and in the new english db, there are some questions with a “long” answer. it’s not possible to read it, and often you have also to guess, although you know the answer.

  5. Hi!
    Hope this note all finds you having a good start to your Tuesday :)
    I hope this isn’t a dumb question but I just have to know so I’ll ask it @ the risk of sounding ridiculous: I have the original version of Millionaire.
    After reading this review, I’m wondering: Do I need to add the English Language pack, even though I always had language options in my preferences for the game? I did do the update of the game but I was wondering if the ‘English language pack’ was where the extra questions for the new version of the game were? (Hope this question even makes sense?)

    I just luv this game!!

    I had one more question & I apologize for being a little off-topic but here goes: In my ‘update’ section of Installer, since I’ve restored & re-jailbroken with ZiPhone on Sunday, I can’t seem to get rid of all the ‘updates’ to various packages such as: Millionaire, Touchpad Pro, CollQ & IBirthday, even though I’ve installed them!

    It first happened with IBirthday last nite. I installed it, used ‘ReSpring”, tried turning off the phone, then back on again & then I tried re-installing it again. When I did that, IBirthday disappeared off of my Springboard. So, I went back & re-installed the update once more. Then, no problems with IBirthday.

    Sooooo, needless to say, I just do the update once with all of the other packages mentioned above. I’ve tried fefreshing the sources as well but nothing seems to take the updates out of the update menu.

    Does anyone else have this problem? If u have, have u been able to resolve it? Or does anyone have a suggestion of something to try to get rid of this issue?

    Once again, I have to tell u all: I am utterly & completely addicted to this site!! It is one of the most informative, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand IPhone sites out there!!! When u guyz were down a couple of days ago, I was beside myself becuz I was worried that u might’ve been gone forever!
    Pls, don’t ever go anywhere!!!!!! I absolutely adore this site as well as the people who contribute to it. I can’t stop singing ur praises everywhere & anywhere!

    Happy Tuesday,
    Mystique :)

    • The apps that it says need updating may be in more than one source. For example CameraPro is listed twice in my Multimedia catergory. one from Ste Oackaging source and one from the Makayama Software source. Hope this helps. | also love this site.

    • Matty is right…it will show that there is an update if the app is in more than one source. I used to have like A MILLION of those in my Updates section!! There isn’t really anything you can do about it…you just have to learn to ignore it.

      Also, for the Millionaire questions. Yes, you have to add the Language pack. If you don’t…when you open the app you will just get a pop-up saying that there are no Language Packs installed and that you need to install them through the Installer. Did I answer all your questions?

  6. The sounds for answering a question correctly has changed too… for the better I must say.

  7. In hungarian mode the app crashes.. :(

  8. :) I can confirm that DnP wrote

  9. Is it me or has the Millionaire app dissapeared ? Just restored my iphone after issues with vWallpaper and now I can’t locate the app. Any ideas ?

    • The author of this app says that the copyright owners demanded him to take it down.

  10. cant find english language pack in installer. which source address do i need to use please????