Millionaire 0.7.1

Millionaire The quick update to version 0.7.1 of Millionaire just adds one additional feature to the Preferences. When you tap on Language and Currency…you now get three options for currency instead of the previous two (see screenshots below). Millionaire is available through the iSpazio source.

Millionaire 0.7.1 Millionaire 0.7.1

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  1. Mike Zappa says

    It looks as though the music has changed when you complete a correct anwser instead of that annoying applause. Cool update.

  2. DaN Himself says

    Does anyone knows if the english language has been updated? Well yeah, I know it has, but, how many questions so far? Last time I checked out this app, only 50 questions…

  3. @DaN: There are 1178 questions in the english pack :)

  4. very cool app, really!!!
    but one thing sucks a lot.
    In the German language pack there are a LOT of questions where the right answers are wrong and the wrong ones are right. THAT SUCKS!


    What’s an encyclopedia? – Glossary (.app wants remedies … )
    Wich wonder of the world stands on a island in front of alexandria? – The Lighthouse on Pharos island (app wants the Colossus of Rhodos … it’s place isn’t even known in history!!!)

    This really sucks … mabe someone knows the guy who translated/wrote down the questions so it can be changed.

    Best regards from germany … hanson

  5. Its not working for me on 1.1.1. I installed, played one game and now goes straight back to springboard. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still cant do anything!!!

  6. It’s a very cool app :D
    buy i think too much question about movie …
    and the sound isn’t enough like the gameshow

  7. Fabio if you reading this… Can you help us (hungarian users) to use the hungarian language question pack? The APP crashes instantly when starting the game with this langpack. I saw on your web page that hungarian language is not listed. :(
    Thanks a lot!

  8. Crash instantly when starting on 1.0.2 as well…