Millionaire 0.7.2

Millionaire Version 0.7.2 of Millionaire fixes the issue of the app crashing when using the Portuguese database. There have also been some updates to the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch question databases. So, overall, no visual changes for the actual app….just for specific languages. Millionaire is available through the iSpazio source.

Millionaire 0.7.2

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  1. Hungarian pack still crashes. :(

  2. German version also crashes when you try do go into the settings (first time it worked, but since then no chance)

  3. i have d english pack … and when i go to preferences.. it crashes..
    i had switched off the sound before updated .
    now i cant get the sound back

  4. After update, this game doesn’t work at all anymore; keeps on crashing.

  5. How can I get this to work on 1.1.1? Help please as I love this game.

  6. The Dutch pack is ehr… something. I dropped it after 3 questions.
    It asked me for where the Olympic Summergames were held in 2002…

  7. SgT: Kellenek az ekezet nelkuli magyar kerdesek? Ugy mukodik :)

  8. where do I get the language db from? Am after English

  9. @amani: i had the same quiestoin,, go to installer/misc/ and select italian/german/spanish etc.. language for iphone app millionare

  10. Sadly this game is no longer being developed and has been removed from the repository because the copyright owners demanded to take it down.
    Read more here:

  11. hello. i can not find the game anymore. can anyone help me ??? thank you in advance.

  12. I restored my phone and then went back add the programs i loved and Millionaire was no longer on ispazio source. Does anyone know where it went? I love this game.