PocketGuitar 0.3

PocketGuitar PocketGuitar has a sweet new look and a new icon! The new look is much more stylish and sleek…I like it! Besides the change in the look of the app, there are a few more options in the Settings as well. You will still see the same three instrument options as in the previous version (Distorted Guitar, Acoustic-Electric Guitar and Electric Bass) however, there is now an option to edit the fretboard. If you tap on Edit Fretboard, you are given three arrows which allow you to customize the fretboard however you would like it. It’s pretty sweet. To set it back to Default…just tap Default in the upper right corner. In the options, you can also turn on/off Left-handed and there is the ability to set the system volume. The app still plays great!! Oh! I almost forgot…this version is compatible with 1.1.4! Very cool! PocketGuitar is available through the ModMyiFone.com source.

PocketGuitar 0.3 PocketGuitar 0.3 PocketGuitar 0.3 PocketGuitar 0.3 PocketGuitar 0.3 PocketGuitar 0.3PocketGuitar 0.3

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  1. FYI, the ability to customize the fretboard is not new to this version. I have version 0.2-1 and it works the same. The new design is nice though.

  2. no changes in the settings, only in apearence.

  3. Ok, for some reason, PocketGuitar is conflicting with Guitar Hero 3 mod to tap tap rev. When I install PocketGuitar it shows up where the GH3/TTR icon was. Then when I un-install PocketGuitar then there is just a blank space where GH3/TTR was although it is still in installer as installed. I can have them both if I do not use the GH3 mod? Does anyone know what my problem is? Running 1.1.4

  4. yup! the edit fretboard option’s been there from version 0.2…
    oh, congrats for not cutting the RSS articles (AKA ‘read more…’ and for the iPhone/iPod theme ;)

  5. Oh…sorry guys…the last review I did on this app was version 0.1!! I’m not sure how I missed version 0.2! But, I love the new Settings!!

  6. when i try it says unable to decode package can anyone help me?