ClickOnce 0.0.1

ClickOnce ClickOnce is an app that adds a floating Home Button to your screen. When you install ClickOnce…it automatically adds a Home Button icon on your SpringBoard (there is no app on your SpringBoard, just the Home Button icon). You can drag the Home Button anywhere on your screen. It will stay on the screen no matter what app you have open. However, I’m not really sure what the purpose of the app is. When you tap it, it brings you back to your SpringBoard but, you could just tap your Home Button to do that. It doesn’t restart your SpringBoard…just brings you back to it if you are in a application. If anyone has any ideas, let me know in the comments. Also, because there is no actual app on the SpringBoard…the only way to get rid of the icon is to uninstall the app. It would be cool if there was an option to turn it on or off. Despite all that…I must say, it does work very smoothly. It doesn’t seem to interfere with other apps which is great! ClickOnce is available through the iPhoneCake source.

ClickOnce 0.0.1 ClickOnce 0.0.1 ClickOnce 0.0.1 ClickOnce 0.0.1 ClickOnce 0.0.1

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  1. I would say at this point, it’s just a proof of concept.

  2. likwidfuzion says

    This is helpful when your Home button wears out (like it did with my first iPhone) or you don’t want it to wear out. Other than that, yeah, it’s “useless” for the typical user.

    • likwidfuzion Says:
      April 13th, 2008 at 1:42 pm

      This is helpful when your Home button wears out (like it did with my first iPhone) or you don’t want it to wear out. Other than that, yeah, it’s “useless” for the typical user.


    • I have never heard of the Home Button wearing out! That is crazy!! This would be a perfect app for you!!

    • Not exactly “wearing out”, but getting loose is a common issue..Don’t you think?

    • likwidfuzion says

      Mine actually wore out to the point where when I pressed it, nothing happens. I had to bring it to the Genius Bar to get my iPhone replaced.

  3. yea… thats y this app was made…
    for ppl who don’t wnat their homebutton to break…. :)

  4. The initial idea of author of ClickOnce is just as likwidfuzion said. Actually there are quite a few people wear out their home button.

    The author will add more features in future, like double click and dock…

    There is an icon on springboard, but it’s useless….to exit, you can uninstall it or run:
    /bin/launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/zenith.iphone.ClickOnce.plist

  5. Phatty McGatty says

    Sounds like some pepo need to be more gentle with their home button. :-P

  6. Anonymous says

    would this negatively impact my battery life??

  7. that’s very interesting. people’s home buttons wearing out… what application on a jalbroken or non-jailbroken iphone requires that much home button (pressage)? i mean, i’m not one to doubt that the home button could ware out over time from everyday usage, but i really don’t think that apple would engineer the iphone’s home button to not last at least one year before it becomes unresponsive or loose. these are just my opinions, so take them for what they are worth.

    in regards to the “click one” application, i think that the application is a good start to other applications and modifications that will come. i see this app to be something like the “dock” application except instead of the home button floating, maybe like an option to choose another application that would constantly float over all apps. i don’t know, that’s just an idea.

    • likwidfuzion says

      It’s all about quality control.

      Let’s take an example with cars. Assuming the same year/make/model, some people may never have a major issue with their car, but others may experience problems right off the dealer’s lot. It’s just the luck of the draw.

      Also, anything will wear out due to daily usage and/or abuse, especially mechanical/moving parts. Some people may experience longer durability than others, some won’t.

  8. Harvey J. says

    This is a great proof of concept. But ya know what would be really cool? If they extended its features into a vista tab. In short, It would be a tab across the bottom of your screen showing you the apps you have up(presumably space for 2 or 3 displays), in addition to a start button, and home/desktop button. That’d be great. I hope the developer is reading this…
    Lastly, the final challenge would be trying to get the iphones resolution to upshift enough to fit the vista tab in there… or… at this point, thats close to impossible without modding the firmware. Of couse, as time goes on, this will grow closer and closer to becoming possible :]

    • One. You have one app open. Ever. There many be a few running in the background, but when you “hide” an app it really saves its state and exits.

  9. Vista tab?? Maybe if your lucky MS will come out with a ZunePhone or a zPhone or would it just be a Zhone?? Which ever you prefer.

  10. I have tried this application. That’s a good idea for preserve the Home button, but it causes some problems when you start the phone: strange black and white bars, button freeze, bossprefs sliders freezed… and you must respring for unfreeze.

    I have uninstalled it. I think that it needs dont start with the system and an easy way for start/stop the application.

  11. Helpful when the home button is physically Damaged ! :)

  12. Is it just me or did this app kill my task bar when locked so I couldn’t see my notifier, the carrier, time, etc. It was all black. And I think it made my phone run slow also. Anyone notice these issues?

  13. It would be extremely easy to add a BossPrefs control to do this. If anyone wants it just load BossPrefs, click config, click add, and enter:

    Name: ClickOne

    Start: /bin/launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/zenith.iphone.ClickOnce.plist

    Stop: /bin/launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/zenith.iphone.ClickOnce.plist

    Process: zenith.iphone.ClickOnce.plist

    Icon: (leave this blank)

    This should give you a BossPrefs toggle for it.

    • William Shewfelt says

      i want to remove this because it is really making my touch act very strange

      you seem to know what to do so if i was to ssh in how would i remove this?

      i am not even able to use installer since i installed this, help plz?

  14. Great app ,I put it just above my home botton,working great so far.
    Does not work with ipod.

  15. it’s only in version 0.0.1. i’m looking forward to it

  16. William Shewfelt says

    I NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!
    i installed this and whenever my itouch boots it flashes and looks really wierd

    then it doesnt work once my touch starts and when i try to go on any application, the application and floating home button are both inactive, they do absolutely nothing

    i just want to remove this, so what do i remove when i ssh in?

  17. i have the 1.1.4 version…when a try to download they tell me “error” package download error ….please help

  18. Anybody know how to/ if this app has been ported to iphone 2.0 firmware- anybody willing to do it?

  19. So where exactly does one find this application? As someone who is not a devoloper how do I install it?

    If this app is not available does anyone know of anyothers. I have a friend that says his cousin has a app that allows you to shake the phone to go to the home screen. That would be nice but i cant find it and I think the phone has to be jail broken.

    Thanks for your help

  20. Jade Theriault says

    I have SMA and I’m not strong enough to press the Home button. When I saw this, I had tears of joy in my eyes!

  21. Cannot find where to download this app please help


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