Sketches 0.7

Sketches When I saw an update to Sketches, I was a little confused. I thought maybe it was just someone adding it to another source. But, after some research, it is indeed an update! Making it version 0.7 of Sketches. And let me tell you…the update is sweet! However, this is coming from a Twitter addict. Yes…it’s true…you can now Twitter the masterpieces you create in Sketches. Just tap the Send icon and where you would normally see the options Export to Photo Album and Mail Picture, you will now see Twitter as well. When you select Twitter, it will bring you to screen where you can enter your Twitter account information (you only have to enter it once, after that it will remember it) and a custom message (it has Check this out! as the default message).

Once you have entered your account information and changed the message to whatever you would like it to say…you can tap Tweet. It will then send your Sketch to your Twitter account. You will get a pop-up confirming that your Sketch has been uploaded to Twitter (don’t look away from your screen or you will miss it!!). In your Twitter it will display the message you wrote and a link to your Sketches image. It is all just so very cool!! Sketches is available through the AppTapp source.

Sketches 0.7 Sketches 0.7 Sketches 0.7 Sketches 0.7

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  1. Very Cool…Not that I will be using it much to send to Twitter….but very nice none-the-less.

  2. Alexander says

    I am not using Twitter. I was wondering if there are some advantage to me update this application?
    Could I disable Twitter option?

  3. Updated to the new version on my 1.1.4 iPhone and now the app launches and then immediately closes. The previous version was working fine for me.

  4. Another problem with this update is the option to shake to erase has been removed. My son loves playing with this app but he shakes it and nothing. Also it cant be made to look like an Etch-a-sketch anymore.

  5. LOL
    that doesn’t even make any sense!


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