Loo 0.20

Loo Loo is cube game similar to CubicMan. The object of the game is to get the the cube onto the black square without falling off the edge. However, the cube must land vertically (up and down) on the black square in order to move on to the next level. When the app opens, you will get a main menu screen with three options; Start, Load and About. The Load option is pretty cool…if you are on a level you can write down the code for that level and then the next time you open the app you can enter in the code and go straight to that level. Otherwise when you close and reopen the app it will bring you back to the first level. Now, how to play!

Once you are in the game…you can move the cube by tapping on the arrows. The cube will tilt and roll based on how you move it. Make sure you have enough grey squares for the cube to move on or it will fall off the edge. On the lower part of the screen it will display the game code, the level you are on and the number of times you have moved. It has some sweet levels! There are levels where you have to move your cube onto a square in order to create a bridge, others where if you land on a certain square it takes away blocks and others where you have to move your cube in a certain direction to keep moving it…things like that! The only thing it needs now it the ability to get back to the main menu while you are in the game. Overall, very cool! Loo is available through the weiPhone source.

Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20 Loo 0.20

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  1. palakisbest says

    This game is a exact port of http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/games/bloxorz

    with exactly same 33 levels. Level walkthrough found here:

    The block moving animation is horrible and they need to add one to really polish the game

  2. cartoon156 says

    I remember this game; I finally beat the game, which took a while.
    Glad to see that there is an iPhone version of it now!

  3. Anonymous says

    wont come up in installer…

  4. More animacion and it will be cool ;)

  5. i installed the source but it doesn’t appear !! i googled the game but i can’t find any source !! can any one help ?

  6. psyntium says

    y not make use of the accelerometer for this game.. should be more fun..


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