CubicMan 0.0.2

CubicMan Well, CubicMan has had quite the makeover! In version 0.0.2 of CubicMan you will find a newly designed interface which I must say is very sleek! The new design is complete with a new icon! When you open the app, you will get a nice splashscreen and then the main menu. From the main menu you can choose to Play the Game, go into the Options or find out more about the app. In the Option, you can turn the sound on/off, choose to control the block by swipe or by the accelerometer, play the game in landscape or portrait mode and turn quick move on or off. Once you have selected your Setting, [Read more…]

CubicMan 0.0.1

CubicMan CubicMan is actually a pretty fun game! I had never played it before tonight but, I must say, it is very addicting. The object of the game is to get the red cube onto the green square without falling off the edge. The app opens to the main screen where you are prompted to tap the screen to start the game. You will get a Level One splash screen and then the game play screen. Now, you need to move the red block to the green square. However, [Read more…]