Trism 0.3.19

Trism All I can say is WOW! This game is seriously sweet! I will give you a little bit of info about the app and explain a little bit about how it is played but, the video below (by the developer) really shows the full sweetness of the game. When you open the app it will scroll through a few splash screen giving you information about the app. This version of Trism is just a demo, the full version is due for release with SDK. The demo is free, the full version will be $4.99. The object of Trism is to match three or more triangle. The triangles have to be the same color and they have to touch be touching on the sides of each other (not the points) in order to create a match. To move a triangle, just tap and hold. It will display the triangle you have selected by making it bigger. You can then drag it were you would like it. The triangles can be moved in any direction that is a straight line and can be moved as many spaces as needed (not just one space like in Bejeweled).

Your Level, Score and the number of matches you have left are all displayed on the lower menu bar. You will also notice a little dial in the lower right corner…that displays which way the triangles are going to fall but, I will talk more about that in a minute! If you wait long enough trying to find a match (which seems to happen to me a lot!) it will give you a little hint by putting a quick sparkle on one of the triangles that can be moved to create a match. When you do get a match, it will display the number of points for that match. If you move the blocks and do not make a match you will get a nice No Match overlay. There are a ton of other cool features like rainbow triangles, bomb triangles, black triangles…etc. But, I will let you figure out what they all do, that is part of the fun of playing!!

Now, as sweet as this game already sounds…it gets better! It uses the accelerometer to make the game even more mind blowing. However, this is much easier shown than explained so, I’m going to refer you to the video below for that! Trism Demo is available through the source. After the video…check out the screenshots below. Oh, also, it does not save your game when you close and reopen that app…just an FYI.

Watch “Trism Demo” from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19 Trism 0.3.19

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  1. Yeah, I remember seeing this at Macworld.

  2. did anybody else find this really disappointing

    the first video on youtube was crazycool then we all waited forever for a demo and it’s just bleh

    it was fun for the first minute or so but then i realized it’s majorly slow and there’s way too many delays and all that

    if it was faster (alot faster) methinks i’d enjoy it alot more

    • likwidfuzion says

      That’s why it’s an early demo.

    • What part of the app do you think it slow? Like when the triangles move? I didn’t seem to notice. At least it is just a demo…maybe the SDk version will be better for you.

    • totally agree with you… gets boring after like 5 trisms

    • mmm … I found it more fun and challenging than most other puzzle games. I also found the the little delay in pieces falling is important in case you want to tilt your phone to have one row fall one way and the next one the other. I like it. In fact, I hope he releases it for jailbroken phones as well as for the ( Since I won’t be upgrading to 2.0 immediately )

    • oh yeah i know it’s a demo and the full version will be much better in every way

      and i’ll definitely buy it

      but i think the entire thing is slow; the delay when you tap a piece, the delay for the row to come back if there’s no trisms, the delay for rows/columns to fall down, the speed of falling down, etc

    • I also was underwhelmed with this game. I was expecting it to be so much less boring.

  3. long time ago when this video was first shown in youtube, i saw it and it reminded me of this real old game i used to play on my windows 98 system, it was a game very similar, called swaps, or something like that, where it had the same layout of triangles escept you swappes them like on bejeweled type games, i talked to the creator of trism, but he had no idea about it, but it did look a lot like it.

  4. For me it’s just some really good eye-candy.

  5. i like his promo video, thought it was well-pitched to get interest going – but i think this demo would be better if the falling jewel’y/trism’y things were little Lenin faces and he could sternly bark invectives or maybe thoughtful tidbits about harmony amongst the various people of the lands, that might be neat. and also if when you beat it and got a boatload of white Trisms all in a row, if Steve would come to your house to congratulate you and cook up a delightful meal of smoked-dolphin sauteed w/ a good wine, i would be much more down and gung-ho about pulling strings w/ asstd covert operatives and in-the-know Mac types to get this thing into the hands of youngsters everywhere. As is, still nifty. maybe just the smoked-dolphin thing could be a good marketing angle even w/o the Lenin faces.

  6. Is there no sound in the game? I was wondering. Some nice background music like that if Hexic would be really cool. Can someone confirm that there’s no sound at all? Thanks!

  7. I saw this game, (only with smilies), on an early color motorola celphone. So, from my point of view.. this is only a clone (a bad one)