HWPen 1.0.1 beta

I not really sure that the update to version 1.0.1 of HWPen does. I do see one visual change, the Chinese Characters on the button to switch to recognize Chinese writing look different. However, I do not notice any changes in functionality. It still seems to struggle recognizing when to capitalize a letter and when to leave it lowercase. It is also still limited in it’s recognition ability. I can get it to recognize one letter pretty well, a two letter word sometimes but still not anything longer than two letter. I must say, I did uninstall this app after having it installed for a few days because it drove me crazy that I had to tap through another keyboard to get to my numbers/symbols keyboard. But, the concept it great and it is fun to mess around with for a little while. Let me know if you notice anything that has changed with the app! HWPen is available through the iPhoneCake source.

HWPen 1.0.1 HWPen 1.0.1

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  1. Hi Brooke,

    The New beta fixes the (big) keyboard in horizontal position in Safari and for instance Touchpad pro, it used to be a borked vertical one, very annoying. HWPen does not work in horizontal mode, nor in safari for that matter… btw.
    I probably will keep this app on from now on, thanx for the tip.
    Although…. I actually think typing is quicker, but nevermind.

    Keep up the good work;)


    • I have a hard time typing in Safari when I have this app installed too! It sometimes doesnt auto capitolize and it just does wierd things!

  2. This version starts to support traditional Chinese characters.
    The previous one didn’t support

  3. I never used the previous version, but this version seems to work well recognizing Traditional Chinese characters. I think it is a little faster to input Chinese characters this way than using the keyboard to type (since automatic word selection isn’t available yet at this point for the Chinese keyboard input from NativeCN).

  4. Thanks for the info guys!

  5. ! WARNING !
    There’s plenty of threads/Cydia Warning about running this App. If you install this app and then uninstall it – you get the spinning ball and it breaks the springboard.

  6. Yes it´s true I didt it today and my phone hang and spinning,
    and I have to restore the firmware!!!!!

  7. Dont install this software. I can no longer operate my iphone?

  8. Dont install it. The app is not worth it.
    you’ll have to restore the firmware when
    you try to uninstall this……thing….

  9. This software should be removed from your web site right now. It is a disgrace you authorize people who don’t know how to write software to promote it…

  10. Aussiephone says

    I won’t trust this app ever again. Anything that bricks your phone can go to hell. The only user friendly handwriting interface was Palm’s graffiti. Easy to use and the best shortcuts. Now if they could do that with iPhone, you’ll win me over.

  11. worst app i have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!screwed up my itouch when i uninstalled it!!!!!! this app is not worth it, it just gets annoying

  12. work smoothly on my iphone, never heard other friends hang up with this SW, Firmware 2.0 has similar input method and rumour to be coming from this software too.