HWPen 1.0.1 beta

I not really sure that the update to version 1.0.1 of HWPen does. I do see one visual change, the Chinese Characters on the button to switch to recognize Chinese writing look different. However, I do not notice any changes in functionality. It still seems to struggle recognizing when to capitalize a letter and when to leave it lowercase. It is also still limited in it’s recognition ability. I can get it to recognize one letter pretty well, a two letter word sometimes but still not anything longer than two letter. I must say, [Read more…]

HWPen 1.0 Beta

I saw this app in the Installer however, I put off installing it because I figured it worked only with Chinese since is was through the iPhone Cake source. Well, I was wrong! HWPen is a handwritting recoginition tool. Once you have it installed…wherever you bring up a keyboard on your iPhone, you will symbol in the lower left corner of the keyboard. If you tap on it, you will get the Handwriting Recognition “keyboard.” When the keyboard first comes up, you will get an area divided into four squares and a white space. This area is for writing symbols. Well, at least I think it is…I can’t get it to work for letters or numbers. I have found this area doesn’t work very accurately for me. However, if you tap on the blue arrow you will get a full keyboard area.
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