Visual Search Engine

There will never be an end to new ideas with the iPhone and that’s what makes it so great! Developers are working on a visual search engine for the iPhone. Basically you just take a photo of something and email it to their servers and you get a reply with all kinds of info. Now of course this will only work with whatever they choose to put in their databases. So if you take a picture of your kid and email it to them you probably won’t get any relevant info. The video demo below shows movie and book covers but images it working with everything, then link it to Wikipedia! Right now it’s working with YouTube and iTunes. Can you imagine taking a picture of a car and getting info on it? Or a house for sale and getting it’s listing!

Watch “Visual Search Engine” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Woww.. awesome!..
    Can’t wait for that… Hmm.. wondering on how much will they charge for the service.. ^^,

    Similar service can be found here..
    I tried once only.. seems not so good.. I’ll try other movies’ covers…


  2. What is the email address for this? Does anyone know?

  3. dunno.. it’s still beta.. no yet launched… in june they said..

    how much will they charge for it? hmm.. curious..

    similar site is here: :)
    free to try..

  4. i call this a smart app !!
    i like it !! but the concern is about the cost, i dont think that will be free isnt it ?!?

  5. the other way round inspired by a well known interface