TwistedFingers 1.0

TwistedFingers TwistedFingers has been out for a little while now however, I have yet to do a review of it (until now!). Think Twister with this app…only with fingers instead of arms and legs. When the app opens, you have two options; Start a New Game or Settings. There is only one option in the Settings menu and that is the ability to choose if Blue or Pink starts. When you select New Game…it will light up a circle with either blue or pink (based on what you chose in the Settings). It will also have the number 1 on it, that is the number of the move. So, player 1 will place their finger on the blue (or pink) circle. Now, it will light up another circle with the alternate color and the number 1. Player 2 will place their finger on that circle. It will then light up another blue circle with the number 2 and Player 1 has to try to put a finger on that circle while still keeping their finger on the first circle. And so on, and so forth until someone releases one of the circles. When that happens, you will get a screen saying who won and which circle was released. Might be a fun game to pass time. However, do not try to play it by yourself…it just doesn’t work!! TwistedFingers is available through the iSpazio source.

TwistedFingers 1.0 TwistedFingers 1.0 TwistedFingers 1.0 TwistedFingers 1.0 TwistedFingers 1.0 TwistedFingers 1.0

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  1. i pplayed it with 2 hands, but it’s doesn’t work, i don’t know why ?!?!
    or it just work when i play with another people ??

  2. it doesn’t work even with 2 persons playing…

  3. It’s definetely a cool concept but the finish isn’t 100 percent complete yet.
    You loose sometime because you’re finger is lifted however that isn’t the case.. :-)

    Lastly, if this issue will be fixed this game is very cool. It also need a single player mode, where you have to touch several buttons.

  4. don’t know how, but i was able to play this game for nearly 20 minutes with my friends, we even made a twisted fingers competition and did not have problems with the program. that was a unique event, because this program is unplayable through it’s bugs.

  5. hey i need help with my ispazio.. i just cant add to my iphone 3g… it says could not find repository.. HELP PLS!!

  6. i really want this game!!