Band Preview Video

Band isn’t out yet but it should be released in Installer under the modmyifone source in a few days. Here’s a preview:

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  1. GIVE ME. NOW. ;D

  2. woah
    this is really cool

  3. Justin Roper says


  4. ahabash says

    can we save the project !?

    when it will be released ???????

  5. That it so SWEET! That Blues guitar is wicked!

  6. thats cold man can that be downloaded and used in a studio???

  7. byronchurch says

    What no analog tracks ? or how bout a on the fly sampler ? Oh and do you have some kind of quantizer in that mixer ? This is gona be big baby ! Oh yea and maybe a up down bend wheel on the players .
    Moo-Cow!! I’ll wear that shirt !

  8. very cool app

  9. MooCowMusic is just getting Better and Better with Every Release

  10. This is really fantastic!

  11. AWESOME!!!

  12. In the words of people far cooler than I;

    Totally Wicked!

  13. disco_pimp88 says

    This is so sick

  14. AMAZING =)) =)) good good

  15. Holy Moo Cow!
    So I wonder what the first band to make an album using Moo Cow will be?

  16. I’m totally speechless…ONLY BIG THUMBS UP for this!

  17. somebody please tell me when this is coming out!!!

  18. out now

  19. Tizocman says

    this app has been released and is no on the installer

  20. Kristian says

    It’s no longer in installer!! I have the source, updated/reinstalled community sources, and it is still not there!! What should I do?? Can someone put it on rapidshare pliiiizzzz??