Band Tutorial Video

We have shown you a few short videos via the developer of Band and we have shown you a video of the add-on instruments for band but, we have yet to show you a video that brings you all the way through the app. So, here you go. Some of you may have already seen this video on the developer’s website Really, I’m showing you this video because I absolutely love the Blues section at the end!! :)

Watch “Band Tutorial Video” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Band Instruments Video Now Available

Band The video for our the article Band Instruments is now available. You can watch it below or in the original article.

Watch “Add Ons for Band” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Band Instruments

Band There have been quite a few (13 to be exact) Instrument add-ons for Band in the last few days. Below is a list, screenshot, short description and video of each. I would highly recommend taking a look at the instruments and picking the ones that you like best. I found that Band can only handle around 3-4 additional instruments (besides the eight that come with it). Even then it randomly crashes. When I installed more than 4 additional instruments, Band would open to the splash screen hang there a minute and then close back to the SpringBoard. Band is available through the ModMyiFone source. All of the following Instruments are also available through the ModMyiFone source.
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Band 1.0-1 & Band Instrument Pack 1 1.0

Band YAY! It has finally arrived. The long awaited Band application for the iPhone is now available in the Installer via the ModMyiFone source. You start off by installing the actual Band app. During install, it will prompt you to also install the Band Instrument Pack 1. However, you might want to install the 11.2MB Instrument Pack while connected to WiFi! Once both are installed, you get a huge range of features and instruments. When you first open Band, it will open to a main menu with the following options; Setup, Load/Save, Help and Play Instruments. The Setup option will bring you to another menu with the options; Recorder, Instrument and Metronome. The Load/Save option has not been implemented yet and the Help option will give you 18 pages of help….yes, 18 pages!! To get to the fun stuff, [Read more…]

Band Preview Video

Band isn’t out yet but it should be released in Installer under the modmyifone source in a few days. Here’s a preview: