Band Instruments Video Now Available

Band The video for our the article Band Instruments is now available. You can watch it below or in the original article.

Watch “Add Ons for Band” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. there are other nice instruments on – like techno loops or other

  2. I tried to download and it says package download error. What do I do?

    • atrophic says

      Refresh your sources, clear your download queue and try again. If it still happens, clear the queue again and try later.

      To clear the queue just click install or update on any app and then “clear queue” will be available.

  3. my only question is how did you manage to make that video without Band crashing on you????

    • Haha! Lots of tries! The app definitely need a little bit of cleaning up! Though, I still think it is really cool!

    • atrophic says

      I’ve read that the next version will dynamically load the instrument data. It’s a matter of not having enough memory on the iphone and the app currently tries to load all installed instruments at start up. Expect a future update to clear up the crashing problems.