Band Instruments

Band There have been quite a few (13 to be exact) Instrument add-ons for Band in the last few days. Below is a list, screenshot, short description and video of each. I would highly recommend taking a look at the instruments and picking the ones that you like best. I found that Band can only handle around 3-4 additional instruments (besides the eight that come with it). Even then it randomly crashes. When I installed more than 4 additional instruments, Band would open to the splash screen hang there a minute and then close back to the SpringBoard. Band is available through the ModMyiFone source. All of the following Instruments are also available through the ModMyiFone source.

1. Bongos
Nice Variety. Sound is good.
Bongos Bongos

2. Cello
Keyboard synthesizing a Cello. Weirdly short notes.
Cello 1.0 Cello 1.0

3. Congas
Sound is good, layout is weird.
Congas 1.0 Congas 1.0

4. DaftBand
6 loops and 15 synthesized voices. Good quality.
DraftBand 1.0 DraftBand 1.0

5. ElectroBoard
8 Dance loops. Good quality.
ElectroBoard 1.0 ElectroBoard 1.0

6. EP
Electric Piano.
EP 1.0 EP 1.0

7. Flute
Doesn’t sound like a flute and should hold the note for as long as you hold the key down.
Flute 1.0 Flute 1.0

8. Harmonica
When installed via Installer, it doesn’t show up in the
Harmonica 1.0

9. LeadGuitar
Acoustic Guitar.
LeadGuitar 1.0 LeadGuitar 1.0

10. MPC500
Drum sound effects.
MPC500 1.0 MPC500 1.0

11. Pizzicato
Keyboard synthesizing of a Pizzicato instrument.
Pizzicato 1.0 Pizzicato 1.0

12. RhythmGuitar
Guitar Chords.
RhythmGuitar 1.0 RhythmGuitar 1.0

13. TB303
Limited Synthesizer. Most features do not work, low sound volume.
TB 303 TB 303


Watch “Add Ons for Band” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Aussiephone says

    I wouldn’t install any instrument K Duds provides on installer, they’re really lame and not worth the trouble. Had the same crashes as you mentioned here. Band is a great app, now if only I could get my phone off my kids…….

  2. i installed all of them and then i get crash everytime i open more than 10 secs.
    I think this still have a log of bugs and laggy

    • Same problem here.. crashes every ten seconds. Does anyone know what to do about this?

    • Don’t have so many installed. Just add one at a time and see how it performs. If it’s ok then add another and test again. Keep going till you hit problems then go back a step and you have found your limit.

  3. I have found some other instruments but dont know if i can post links here. Brook?

  4. I’ve never experienced a crash since install and its had plenty of use,
    oh yeah, I also have every instrument installed…I think this is a Great App!! it’s weird how the same apps work so different on everyone’s iphone? (some working, some not?) -just my 2cents

  5. It s depends on what apps u lauch in background.
    If u go off an on again and lauch only band, it works perfect :D
    It s the case for me !

  6. Amazing

  7. i removed all of them, the basic instruments are enough for me

  8. if it crashes you should set the right permissions, and be sure to delete not needing instruments! (like scratches or audience)

  9. hey my Band app closes sometimes like when im playing an instrument…..umm help?

  10. Pitty harmonica is not working.

  11. michael nguyen says

    hey guys im new here…yes like Aussiephone K dubs 1 crashes Band.. i have a Question can some plss HELP…i download other ones but i dont know what folder to put in SSH

  12. i love this app.. :x

  13. Hey i put the source into my iphone but i cant find the application Band…. Any ideas why it isnt there?

  14. Same problem here, i added the source but i can’t find the app. help please :(

  15. its out of installer and in appstore i think

  16. I need to know how i obtain the band application, i have all the instruments above mention in this page but i can not run them because in the screen of my ipod shows that it is needful the band application first.

    please i need help about this matter,

  17. Hi..

    I have a problem to get band to work on iPhone 2.0…

    but if I can get the old band app ( that one to 1.1.4 ) then I think I can fix it…

    do someone of you know were I can get the old band app ?