Band 1.0-1 & Band Instrument Pack 1 1.0

Band YAY! It has finally arrived. The long awaited Band application for the iPhone is now available in the Installer via the ModMyiFone source. You start off by installing the actual Band app. During install, it will prompt you to also install the Band Instrument Pack 1. However, you might want to install the 11.2MB Instrument Pack while connected to WiFi! Once both are installed, you get a huge range of features and instruments. When you first open Band, it will open to a main menu with the following options; Setup, Load/Save, Help and Play Instruments. The Setup option will bring you to another menu with the options; Recorder, Instrument and Metronome. The Load/Save option has not been implemented yet and the Help option will give you 18 pages of help….yes, 18 pages!! To get to the fun stuff, select the Play Instruments options!

OK, here we go! You can Rec your tracks with the REC button in the upper left corner. You can then play back the track with the Play button. The Setup button will bring you back to the main Setup menu. The Prev and Next buttons will guide you through the eight “instrument” options. The app opens to the Rock Kit instrument, next is the drums, then the bass guitar, next is the grand piano, then my favorite…the blues instrument!, next is where you can scratch, then where you can record dance beats and finally the audience! Ha, I love the audience!! Once you have recorded a track you can continue to record more beats and instrument over the top of it! Just tap record again and you will hear the beat/instrument you already recorded then, just start playing out your next beat/instrument. When you play it back you will hear the second recording over the top of the first. It will just continue to the recordings. The only downfall of this app is that you cannot save what you create! Hopefully we see that option soon! We would love to see/hear what you guys create! Send us links! Below are some screenshots and a video created by the developer.

Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1 Band 1.0-1

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  1. Awsome!!!
    Now I can finally play ‘Old McDonalds’ with my iPhone!!!!

  2. Awesome!!!
    Now I can finally play ‘Old McDonalds’ with my iPhone!!!!

  3. hmm… Blues seems pretty buggy… once i hit 3 fingers on it, some notes stop…
    I’ve tried switching vWallpaper off with no improvements…
    Anyone having the same problems?

  4. i dont know why but this app cause a little laggy every 6 or 7 secs on my ipod touch, i have the same problem with iCopter, that litte laggy make me feel bad ..
    is it because some apps running background and consume memory ??? How to see what apps running background ???

    Anybody please DO help !!

    • Just do a respring (with Respring, Restart or similar) The background tasks (as iPod or Safari) are killed with a respring.

    • i had the same Problem
      I used Ziphone several times to jailbreak my itouch and always had lags in Band

      Then I tried Iliberty+ and now I have no Probs anymore, but a friend of miene used Ziphone aswell and has no lags,
      Confusing O.o ^^

  5. Peter_HH says

    When I want to see which tasks my iPhone is running, I take app Sysinfo.

    Tap processes and you see everything.

  6. thanks very much for your helps !
    very nice apps, but it’s still seem to cause laggy after I restart (using Restart) .. I think it’s app’s bug.
    I’m looking for the next version. Great app !

  7. Hi Brooke, will this app work on my 1.1.1 and where will the ‘Band Instrument Pack 1’ be installed, cause I don’t have enough space and I don’t wanna use BossTools?

  8. i have a problem with installing the instrument pack.
    when i try to install it i get an error-message.
    “Package dowmload failed!”
    what is the problem and how can i solve it?

    p.s.: sry for my bad english. ;)

    • you can try again later, sometime the repo not working (or slowly works), remember if you got the Remove all Queue (or sthing like that) click Remove all then click install again …

  9. Can’t download Instrument Pack! Why?

  10. i can;t find out the band and Band Instrument Pack 1 from install..
    how to do???

  11. Hi ,
    Can anyone post a direct download link for Band ? it seem that there is a slightly problem to install it with the installer .

    ThNx :)

  12. Yeah, I can’t install it either.

  13. I´ve made two instruments today ;)



    Copy Bongos/Congas folder to /private/var/mobile/Media/MooCowMusic/Band/Instruments.

    • Heyyyyyyyyy thanks for the inrtruments..but cant u make more as in piano and drums for band..plzz need them urgently…still have IPhone 1.1.4

  14. is this still at the source? i can see the extansion pack but not the band app itself?

  15. For those who cant find the app in the installer, try adding this source:

    (Worked for me yesterday )

    No clue on the instruments pack,though.
    I’ve been trying to dl for days, with no result…:(

  16. thankyou very much miguel
    worked for me too

  17. Gernot Gasser says

    what should I do
    i don’t found the app Band
    the source ModMyiFone i have


  19. Thank you very much!!!! is a good source for instrument pack!!!!

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  21. gwDosg eeeerrrffddgggggggccccc

  22. y’all rock! thanks!

  23. 8mRjFV Vasyu testit

  24. LA8EDQ re re rerrrreeee gththtt

  25. the band pack isnt on my iphone but i have modmyifone installed, they didnt even prompt me about it. whats goin on ? ima music geek i need to learn this ! haha
    help please ? =]

  26. Hey guysssssss….its bin 15 days now….I have the IPhone 1.1.4 and really need band
    i searched the entire web for sources and found maaany which i added…they gave me band and instrument pack 1…But still same problem band installed but the instrument pack is still giving me the Error:Package download failed…..PLS tell me wat to do…im unable to dl it…:(..pls anyone
    i even clear the queue everytime but nothing seems to work…I have band but no instruments…need your help :(:(


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