winpwn worked for me… kinda

Ok, so I’ve been trying to get my iPhone the way I want it all day. Last night I decided that I was going to restore my iPhone using winpwn. It’s been about 2 months since I have synced my iPhone with iTunes because for some reason iTunes hasn’t recognized it. I backed up all my data either via SSH or TimeCapsule. I fell asleep after finally backing up all options in TimeCapsule. When I woke up this morning my iPhone was running REALLY slow. Like 10 second delay everything I did something. No idea why this was but I didn’t really care since I was going to restore.

I started by restoring with iTunes to 1.1.4. Everything seemed fine, I could make calls, YouTube, etc. I finally figured out how winpwn worked. (it helps to read the instructions) One problem I was having was the version I was using didn’t look the same as the help version. I finally figured out it was a new version. Also figured out that it creates a custom firmware. So basically you creat a hacked firmware and when you restore in iTunes you select that firmware to restore with.

Once I figured all of this out I could not get the iPhone activated. I even tried selecting activate in winpwn but I still got nothing. I ended up using ZiPhone (which worked perfectly again). After installing a bunch of stuff and realizing I was running out of space on my Application partition, I installed BossTool and moved my fonts and ringtones. There has been some problems with moving applications recently. I’ve talked to BigBoss about it… he knows there is a problem and he said that I should only need to move fonts and that will give me enough space. When attempting to move ringtones Installer just closed and I got the SWOD (spinning wheel of death). I tried to SSH the last few programs but it didn’t help. I was forced to restore again…

I decided to research a little and see if I could find a fix for winpwn no activation issue. I really want the custom boot logo! I finally found an answer and it worked great! This applies to winpwned iPhones trying to activate with AT&T:

Install BSD Subsystem + OpenSSH.
Download lockdownd file here:
Connect via OpenSSH and overwrite the file here: /usr/libexec/
Set permissions to “0755”
Reboot your iPhone

Now my iPhone is pwned and I have sweet boot and recovery logos! I installed BossTool right away and just to see what would happen I ran the action to move apps. It worked! If it doesn’t work it will just stop the spinning wheel and not say “apps already moved”. You may also get some apps disappear, even stock ones. Try this at your own risk. So, after all that, I am finally where I want to be after about…. 6-8 hours! Here’s a few screenshots:

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  1. Sahil Arora says

    Can we see screen shots of your custom boot on your iphone?
    Did you install all ur apps with ipsw builder or did you do it through installer?

  2. winpwn sucked for me. i tried to pwn my iphone last week and i didn’t work. i went through all the steps and made it to restoring the custom firmware through itunes, but in the end all i got was a blank white screen on my iphone. people say that winpwn and pwnage tool are the best and safest way to jailbreak your phone but it seems, through my experiences, that ziphone works the best.

  3. Thailar says

    Lol, 6-8 hours? Really? Just in winpwn? That’s actually really funny, no offense. I have never used winpwn but I remember the pwnage tool for mac being quite simple.

    • You’re right, I’ve used the mac version a few times, worked great. Not all the time was spent on winpwn. I had a bad backup in iTunes which crashed me a few times until I figured it out. Also it takes a long time to SSH all of my stuff off. I backup a lot of stuff just in case. I also took screenshots, wrote the article, researched, and found a fix for the problem. Then I did it all over again ’cause I found a better boot logo than I had before :)

    • I’ve edited the post to explain better. It wasn’t winpwn that took so long. It was the whole process.

  4. Winpwn on beta stage have unlock disabled, then you can activate and Jailbreak with winpwn and then install BootNeuter to unlock.

  5. iliberty+ is by far the best for windows user…. it only takes like 30 minutes to understand the instruction fully.. ;)

    • Sahil Arora says

      more like 30 minutes to unlock jailbreak and activate with iLiberty. Ziphone on the other hand gave me tons of wifi problems

    • agreed… i also used ziphone before finding about iliberty and i have tons of issues! now, it works flawlessly… thanx to iliberty+.. :D

  6. DOUG and BROOKE i am the ADMIN- Moderator for winpwn, and #iphone , please come talk to us in our irc server join #winpwn for winpwn and #iphone for general iphone chat.. me bigboss and most of the DEV / Coders are all in #iphone some of us are in #winpwn.. but you guys should setup a channel on our network.

    USE PWANGE 10x better then winpwn as of now… please wait for final release in JUNE.

  7. SaladFork says

    Doug, always read the instructions/manual first, ;)

    I downloaded WinPwn BETA 2 last night, and immediately clicked [Help] and read through it all. I then pwned my device in under 30 minutes, with the ability to restore with all my important applications (and already jailbroken and unlocked) whenever I wanted to. It couldn’t have been easier. Plus, the custom boot logos are beautiful, =)

    As for ZiPhone, I highly recommend you stay far far away from it. Zibri is known for breaking common practice, including changing your device’s MAC Address (which by definition should be permenant), permanently downgrading your baseband, and can cause device calibration errors (Google it, ZiPhone is the only one that does it, and it completely bricks phones. The community doesn’t know how to fix calibration errors yet). Not to mention the fact he used a very risky 1-pass system for a long time while everyone else used a safe 2-pass system for jailbreaking and such. He switched to a 2-pass, but the way he did it, it’s just as dangerous. If you truly care about your iPhone, you’ll stay away from ZiPhone, >.<

    Google ZiPhone and you’ll find not only tons of threads of people trying to tell you not to use ZiPhone, but threads about people who used it and have tons of major issues. If you google device calibration errors and bsd major/minor errors, you’ll notice nearly 99% of the people having those issues used ZiPhone.

    If you absolutely cannot get WinPwn to work, then use iLiberty+. You should never “need” to use ZiPhone.

  8. If you have trouble with running out of space for your apps, why not ssh to your iphone… move the whole Applications folder to /private/var and then make /Applications a symbolic link to /private/var/Applications
    (ln -s /private/var/Applications /Applications)

    this way you will never run out of disk space again :-)

    • if you do this, where do new applications get installed?

    • they get installed in /private/var/Applications

      Lets explain the command.
      ln -s creates a softlink (like a shortcut in windows, but more powerful).

      Read the command like this:
      ln -s [folder_I_wanna_have_my_apps_in] [place_and_name_for_the_softlink]

  9. so?, i want to update to 1.1.4 what are the recommendations? to use iliberty? winpwn?

  10. All these ziphone posts scare me – If I were already jailbroken with Ziphone and wanted to re-jailbreak with liberty… what would be the best course of action. It seems the pwn method’s only real benefit is the boot/recovery Icon change…is there something I’m missing?

  11. Pwnage allows you to upload custom firmwares not just boot images. You are able to create your own firmware with programs preinstalled. I’ve had no issues with ZiPhone at all. I’m not sure why everyone else is having issues. If 2.0 wasn’t coming out in June I’d pwn my iPhone right now. I’m waiting until the 2.0 release to pwn it.

    • i agree. i Ziphoned and am having no issues. i winpwned and got nothing but a blank white screen when everything was said and done and i am at a moderate iphone hacking level of experience. i’d suggest to all those who are unsure to hold off using winpwn until the full release is out. i can’t speak much for the mac version though.

  12. QUESTION says

    able to do winpwn but i can’t make calls. it’s splashes back to springboard…any ideas?

    • Restore with official Apple firmware and see if that corrects your issue.

  13. Application download always freeze..

  14. Used winpen but now I can’t download all the apps that I used to get through installer like advanced press or pocket touch. Never had problems getting those apps installed before. Any ideas?

  15. Hey Doug and Brook i got 2 questions. 1. so is iPwner just an unlocking tool?
    2. will my iPhone work the same if i restore my iPhone with custom firmware? ( my iPhone is already unlocked and jailbreaked by ziphone.)

  16. Not so fast people.

    Ziphone has being the best app to use for Iphones. The problem is restoring backups via itunes.

    The rest are not user friendly. Sorry. 80% of Ziphone users will tell you that too.