RagingThunder Video

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  1. Can anyone get Championship Mode to work? The touch system for this game is very buggy…I can’t even input a name for the profile.

  2. Phone crashed twice after trying to quit this game.
    Could not get Championship Mode to work.

  3. When I had it installed I couldn’t get it to work either. This app shows alot of promise, however to many bugs or things missing like no music and sound effects. Since it is only in Beta version, just wait for the full release to come out.

    Also worth noting, if you notice, on the bottom of the screen it says DEMO. Something tells me that when it does come out, you will have to either purchase this app for a flat fee or either donate to receieve the full version.

    • it says demo because whoever made this ported the demo version for nokia phones

      methinks it’d be illegal to charge for it also, since they didn’t make it

  4. it doesn’t play nice with video wallpaper either…creates a strobe effect. and championship mode didn’t work for me either

  5. very nicely done game, i really like it
    any games with the same graphics (instead of Yeti3D?)

  6. Well i have a few questions:
    first when I go into profiles actually it takes mt there automatically for a name input.
    when I try to enter my name the letters go wild.
    I cant enter anything it enters whatever it wants.
    I almost thought that my touch screen was going but its only when I am in this app.
    Also when I deactivated the auto accel, I cant figure out how to get it to move.
    I found that I wanted to slow things down a bit (kept crashing).
    How do you get the car to move without having accelerator enabled?


  7. nice game ;)

  8. I would not recommend installing this on 1.1.3. My phone is frozen now and it was acting screwy before.

    Version 0.7.1 with home button glitch off and championship mode running. A lot of other bugs fixed.

  10. this game has ruined my phone it shows the sign to sync to itunes i have no idea wht to do stupid game

  11. can i ask anyone how to know if the 3rd party apps are safe onot cause i do not want to risk if my phone gets locked again

  12. how can i download the apps from this site.Plz help me by replying to the address below


  13. nice game.. but it is only a demo… and it is bugy………. hop that this will be fix soon……


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