iPhone Video Recorder 1.2.2

iPhone Video Recorder A new update to iPhone Video Recorder doesn’t boast any huge features but does include a nice redesign of the settings. It also includes the ability to add a custom signature but this feature is only available for registered users. A few bug fixes are also included.

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  1. you guys havent done a review on the new gsphone

  2. I hope that they will soon change the colors to something that looks real, red is way too bright, and the rest of the video is very dark.

  3. Thx for all the great info. How do I get this app? I have added the repo http://www.soneso.com/iphone but the app name doesnt appear?


  4. Does anyone know where the video files are stored? I’ve tried looking for them but i can’t find them. Thanks in advance for any help!

  5. Did you also noticed that after this update, the videos now show a watermark with a website link? That’s sad.

  6. 2 things: 1 is, why do a review of an app but not put the source of where it can be found. I found the first iphone video recorder in the sineso source, but not the update. 2 is, shouldnt the point of this whole thing is to just make great apps? Why always charge for something that you made for a tight close iphone community, and like the New Guy said, why do a stupid watermark with a webbsite attached? Dont be so exploitive. Of course I didnt see this watermark because the admins of the website did not put where the update is is located. Thank you all for listening.

  7. Macopoulos says

    I need the previous version repo.. but i could find it plus install it..

    Maybe someone can tar the app for me ?

    Thank you..

    p.s. there is really no need for a repository if someone just tar.gz the app again thank you!

  8. It records without any sounds for me… why?

  9. My iPhone Video Recorder now requires a license key. There’s no “later”-button or something like that anymore… :-/

    • Macopoulos says

      Just remove it and re-install it.. it worked for me for the first version..

      but it sucks.. i’ve managed to get to that screen 2 times now.. what.. they lock the thing after e.g. 20 starts?

    • No, reinstalling does not change anything.
      Must be a serious bug introduced with 1.2.2… :-(

  10. Hey Guys,, can anyone tell me why I keep getting that message that says Download failed when I try to download this app? Please give me some help….

  11. I sent a video I took with this app to my email, and for the past two days I’ve been receiving the same video in my mail box over and over and over again, sometimes 5 or 6 of the same one all at once. Does anyone else experience this bug with the new update? If so, be kind and please tell me how to fix it!

  12. Hey guys!

    love the app so far but cant seem to get it to upload to my youtube account.

    can someone explain which account i use and the way im suppose to put it in?

    i tried just my youtube username and then my gmail account. username@gmail.com and that didnt work.

  13. Actually,

    This is the first piece of software that I paid for in over 15 years…

    It simply does work and yes uploading to you tube work and rocks.

    I am bummed that I paid, but I paid in euros… ;)

    best of all if you are savy enough, you copy mp4 files to the video recorder dir and voila,,, play videos without iTunes…

  14. i need help i’m true newbie my iphone recorder records with no sound, it work before i brought but now it doesn’t. also i can get any roms of any kind on my iphone

  15. So… this is the way monopoly starts. Very Microsoft’ish move by the co that created this piece of software, they weren’t happy with the revenue collected being the only company that allows video recording on an iPhone but now they started to use ugly greedy tactics.
    At first, there was the 30 sec recording limit – ok with me, something usual in the software world….
    Second, they introduced the watermark ad.
    Third and most likely not last, they introduced the 20 openings limit or something like that that will prevent it from opening when you need it, WITHOUT warning you beforehand about it.

    I always have paid for software, this will be the first time I’m going to use a license or serial or whatever it takes to use this software without paying a dime for it, and I will enjoy doing so.

  16. how do you install the latest video recorder version if you phone has already been jailbroken

  17. is the iphone 2G have video recorder?

  18. i have brought a recorded for my i phone and cant down load it how can i download it to my iphone

  19. is it need to jailbroken “jb” before down load this ?

  20. Please can u send to me the lecience key of prog