moleskine 0.46b1

moleskine There are once again some cool new features in the update to moleskine! You now have the ability to email a note and sound attachment or email just the sound attachment. When you email a sound attachments, it will send it as a .amr file. When I opened the .amr file on my iPhone, it played just fine however when I tried to play the file through QuickTime on my computer it said that the file was not recognized. Still a great feature none the less.

Another really cool new feature is the ability to add a photo to a note (this is only available if you have purchased the full version). To add a photo, just select the note you would like to add the photo to and then select the record icon at the bottom of the page. This will bring up the multimedia menu. To take a picture, select the camera icon on the left. This will open your camera. You can tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. Once you are done taking a picture you can tap the lower status bar to go back to the note. You can only add one photo to each note. If you take another picture, it will overwrite the picture you already have for that note.

In adding the photo feature there is also a new theme option that allows you to change the theme of the frame around the photo. The nowea ethno v3, apixel’s textures and abstract themes were all updated to add the frame option to their themes.

Another new feature is the ability to tilt your iPhone, while in the main list of all your folders, to toggle the ability to reorder the list. When you tilt your iPhone, you will get a pop-up that says reordering YES and the status bar will turn red. To turn the reordering off, just tilt your iPhone again. However, after I used this feature, I could no longer add a new folder. I can select Add and I get the pop-up to enter the name of the folder but, the keyboard doesn’t work. It will not type anything. I didn’t have this problem until I used the sort mode. Let me know in the comments if you experienced the same issue.

There was also a bug fix that now allows you to rearrange folder/notes lists that are long and there were a few changes to the credits. Overall, another decent update. moleskine is available through the databinge source.

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  1. dawelsch says

    Anybody had trouble with Moleskine causing the audio from the phone to stop working? No RingTone, no iPod…


    • I didn’t have that problem.

    • My audio gets muffled after I make a recording, but playing an ipod song brings it back. I’ve had what you have, but it happens randomly after I install an application. It happens every 4 months or so, if I’m installing too much. When that happens to me, it’s restore time. ( If none of the usual tricks brings it back )

  2. just go to settings-general-reset-reset all settings. that should work instead of resore the iphone

  3. Hey Brooke,

    1. No problems here ordering folders and then adding more. Can you still not add any? I’ve had the keyboard-not-typing problem, and that is a bug. It has to do with turning auto-caps on or off, and then quitting to the home screen before typing anything. If you toggle auto-caps on, the typing should come back.

    2. The audio files play fine for me, they show up directly in my mail app and can be played straight from the email. Are you on a mac or a pc?

  4. Hello,

    How do you make and audio recording in here?