iAppCat.com Website Down

Just thought I’d let everyone know that it’s not just you. iAppCat.com service is down. Has been since yesterday. We are contacting the owner and will get you info as soon as we can. We will also let you know as soon as it is up.

UPDATE: Just talked to the owner and it looks like it’s back up!

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  1. I can access it normally.

  2. It’s back as of 9:40AM GMT-4.

  3. It works for me now:)

  4. works good for me

  5. thanks for the nfo

  6. iAppCat.com is back up but it hasnt updated any apps u have added to ur personal repo (even when u have added the app from the original repo).
    due to which, i get ‘Package Download Failed’ for certain apps like SkrewCommon
    its latest version is 1.34 whereas my iappcat repo still shows 1.33
    hope this is fixed soon.

  7. lurkspur says

    Down again.

  8. lurkspur says

    Up and working now.

  9. Sorry, guys!
    The site is up. The indexing of new apps and versions is operating well.
    I will develop monitoring mechanisms to avoid such failures in future.

    iAppCat developer

  10. Hi they this is me thank. You for evetrin

  11. thdjjg tkank you

  12. Hi how you doing thank you for ask
    me I hope you will help me pure much