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With the 3G iPhone soon upon us and some very convincing rumors of sweet new features (see our News Page)…I have a feeling many of you (31% according to our poll) will be selling your iPhones and upgrading to the 3G iPhone. Well, before you do, you may want to consider wiping your iPhone. The iPhone Wiper tool allows you to completely wipe all information off of your iPhone. We have all heard the rumor of how someone who purchased a previously owned iPhone was able to pull off some of the previous owner’s information (even after a restore). So, to avoid any possibility of that happening to you, you might want to consider wiping it. Below is the ReadMe from the .zip file on how to wipe your iPhone. You can get the app HERE.

ReadMe Info

This tool performs a zero-write wipe of an iPhone / iPod Touch device and is
intended for lawfully erasing the contents of a device prior to resale. The
device’s system and user partitions will be zeroed by this operation, and
will require a restore through iTunes when complete.


The author of this tool shall not be held liable for any damage caused to a
device by use of this tool, or other losses of any kind. Use entirely at your
own risk.


1. Obtain a working copy of the iPhone Utility Client (iPHUC) on your desktop
machine. iPHUC can be downloaded from http://code.google.com/p/iphuc/

2. Use iPHUC to place the device into recovery mode by using the ‘enterrecovery’
command, or force the device into recovery mode by holding in the home and
power buttons simultaneously until the restore screen appears.

3. Once the device is in restore mode, exit iPHUC, then re-enter it. This will
enable recovery commands. Issue the following commands to load and run the
wipe software:

$ ./iphuc
recovery callback: Connected in Recovery Mode
recovery callback: Entering shell in Recovery Mode.
#: filecopytophone Wipe.bin
filecopytophone: 0
#: cmd setenv\ boot-args\ rd=md0\ -x\ -s\ pmd0=0x9340000.0xA00000
#: cmd saveenv
#: cmd bootx
#: exit

4. The wipe tool will load and execute. You will be given a 30-second warning
prior to commencing wipe to change your mind. After this, ALL DATA WILL BE

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  1. Doesn’t BossTool do the same thing?

    • No, BossTool only wipes the contents in your MobileMusicPlayer (iPod). That is the only thing it touches. Its basically for wiping your iPod and starting over without recovering and rejailbreaking, etc.

  2. I think that it is also worth mentioning that Windows users should check this out, as the above link will only run on a Mac.


    I feel that this is the most underrated iPhone tool that has ever been released. I just wish more people would give this a try.

    Just on a side note ~ if you’re not planning on getting rid of your iPhone, this is STILL a must have! Whenever you restore through iTunes, the root files do not get changed. Let’s say you’ve used Apollo in the past, then discovered that they’re no longer updating the program, so you would like to uninstall it and start using MobileChat or Fring. Well, when you uninstall it, you can still go into the phone via SSH and see that there’s still traces of Apollo in the /var/mobile/ directory, among others like in /root/ somewhere. Did you ever wonder why your screenname is still on the list, even after uninstalling and reinstalling Apollo? That’s why. There’s always remnants of your programs lingering around, even after restores. Let’s face it, we’ve all downloaded something, tried it out, said to ourselves “holy crap this sucks,” then uninstalled it. Well guess what, 95% of the time, that program left a little bit of something somewhere that either has to be removed manually or wiped. This isn’t such a big deal, and it won’t slow your phone down hardly at all, but it will take up room in the primary OS partition. We’ve only got 300MB, and that little stuff adds up quickly, especially if you download and uninstall programs as frequently as I do. It might just be me, but I like to start 110% fresh every time I jailbreak, and Restore just won’t cut it.