Firefox for the iPhone?

Although it’s not likely Apple will allow Firefox or Opera into the App Store, Firefox is well prepared. Here is a concept of what it might look like:

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  1. It’s a very refreshing concept for mobile browsing and I’d love to see more players joining in. The click, toss and zoom features all seem like natural extensions of typical motions and take a lot of the work out of internet browsing, only leaving you with the content, which is what you wanted in the first place.

  2. William Shewfelt says

    welll…..i LOVE firefox, its my favorite browser but im not sure i like this mobile firefox browser.

    i would just stick with safari on the iphone

  3. I LOVE it Finally Full-screen browsing..

    Looks fun too with the page switching.

  4. Seems freakin’ lovely! But my question is; he said that it is totally “single-touch” and not multitouch, then how do you zoom in a piece of content on a page!? I think it’s just stupid not to use the multitouch zooming features that the iPhone already has…. don’t you?

  5. i really wouldnt think that apple would allow a better internet browser on their phone, thats just my opinion it seems like its really cool!

  6. Looks great, i hope this works out, i would love to test it.

  7. I love it, but I don’t like the fact that it’s only single touch and not multitouch. I also doubt Apple will allow this either. Maybe through jailbreak? Who knows.

  8. It’s a video from the Google’s Android preview.
    Does look like it won’t have a multi-touch screen, just a single-touch.

    It’s not an app being built for iPhone.

  9. by sell firefox T-shirts. Seriously… I wonder how the get investor dollars

  10. one way is the default home page has a google search. This generates ads which generates money to mozilla.

  11. I agree with you guys, I don’t think Apple would allow a “better” browser and the words “single touch” aren’t too promising :(

  12. Google pays them millions of dollars to have the homepage, and to be the default search option in the search bar. I’ve got no problem with that since I’m pretty much in love with both Google and Firefox though

  13. ok how do you close a browser?

  14. Thats just a CONCEPT !!!
    DEVELOPMENT takes a lot of TIME !!!

  15. I was just wondering that !

    1. If you keep the homepage as Firefox start, then Google pays them for every Google Search you do from that page….

    And thats it !!!

    How do they spend soo much on Development ????

  16. MadHacker says

    I hope they or somebody does iFirefox, it don’t need to be at the app store.

  17. William Shewfelt says

    You guys should check out the website he was on. It’s called “” and it hosts an AMAZINGLY SIMPLE software utility. You will not regret checking it out. Tell me what you think!


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