Chain 3 – App Store Game

Chain 3 is a game that will be avilable via the App Store, on the launch day. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Bejeweled type games (iZoo, Gemlogic)and Trism. There is no indication on how much the game will cost. Below is a demo video.

Demo Video:

Watch “Chain 3” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Phil,Washington DC says

    I look at your site 90% of the time using my iPhone. I cannot see videos on your site via my iPhone. It would be an even better experience if we could tap the video and see it on the phone. Converting the video is work but it would transform the iPhone experience 1000 fold.

    • You can see them on your iPhone. Just click on the link that says, Watch “__________” on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It will open the video in YouTube. Sometimes, YouTube hasn’t converted the video to QuickTime yet so you just have to wait.

  2. Agree.

  3. Sigh, both this game and trism look really really boring…

    • William Shewfelt says

      I agree 100%. I’m so tired of these little tacky iPhone games that are just like boring puzzles and crap. The only good games are like Raging Thunder, KLores, Cybersaurus, and other good games.

    • Especially since the iPhone is so powerful! Like we can already see how awesome supermonkeyball is going to be. A few puzzle games would be ok but they would need to have outstanding gameplay and really nice graphics in my opinion.

    • Trism is a very unique and deep game. It is my favorite of all the jailbroken games, and it’s only a demo with very limited gameplay.
      It’s a lot more fun and complex once you get going… I didn’t think it would be that great of a game when I first saw the demo, but I got hooked like crazy… There are a lot of hidden trisms, features, and achievements, that make the game really fun.
      This game looks kinda silly. The sound effects will get annoying, and I’ll get bored very quickly. It’s not nearly as cool as Trism.

  4. Please download a demo of Trism before you comment. It is a well thought out game and concept. I am looking forward to the full version on the app store. The demo has some limited functionality but this game is far from tacky. It requires strategy and thinking……maybe not right for the user that likes Raging Thunder (a lot) But if you like chess and can imagine a game of bejeweled that uses the accelerometer you will fully enjoy this game.

    • Is there a demo of Chain 3 available yet? If so, what are the sources need to download?