Gemlogic 0.35

Gemlogic Honestly…I do not see any visual changes with version 0.35 of Gemlogic!! Though, I did play until level 17 and then it took me like five minutes to realize that you have to let the time run out in order to submit our score (I seriously tried everything…then I was finally like DUDE and just let the time run out)!! :) I was pumped because I was like… [Read more…]

Gemlogic 0.30

GemlogicGemlogic is a different take on Bejeweled. It was made by one of my favorite developers, Spiffyware. The point of this game is to align three or more of the same shapes. Once you do, they will disappear and you will be rewarded with points. This is different from Bejeweled because you can freely move the blocks. In Bejeweled you can only move the block when you can make a line of the same shape. Even though the game has three difficulties, it still makes the game very easy in the beginning. After you acquire enough points, you will go to the next level. The higher the level you are on the faster your time decreases, and every time you increase a level a random chunk of your time is taken away. In order to gain time [Read more…]