Trism Developer Doing Very Well via the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Trism I just read a story on CNN Tech about the developer of Trism. It was an excellent story that really captured the opportunity that the App Store offers. Many of you may feel as connected to this story as I do. If you have been around the jailbreak scene for long, you will remember that Trism first came out as a jailbroken application. Even in it’s first release it was a game worth talking about! We saw it go through a few updates and once the App Store arrived, we saw it merge into the App Store. The game has always been well developed and a fair price ($4.99 – as both a jailbroke and App Store app. Though, it is currently available for $2.99). The CNN story talks about the developer’s success in the App Store.
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Trism 0.7.8

Trism The update to version 0.7.8 of Trism finally works!! However, there are no new features and I do not see any visual changes to the application. Trism will still be released via the AppStore but, for now, you can get Trism through the ModMyiFone source.

Check out our Trism page for more info, screenshots and a video demo of Trism.

Trism 0.7.6-2

Trism I could not get the update to version 0.7.6-2 of Trism to work properly. I was able to install the application however, when I tried to open the app, it would just hang at the splashscreen. I was not able to get back to the SpringBoard and ended up restarting my iPhone every time. Hopefully we will see any update soon. You can get Trism via the ModMyiFone source.

Trism 0.7.6-2

Chain 3 – App Store Game

Chain 3 is a game that will be avilable via the App Store, on the launch day. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Bejeweled type games (iZoo, Gemlogic)and Trism. There is no indication on how much the game will cost. Below is a demo video.

Demo Video:

Watch “Chain 3” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Trism Update – AppStore

Trism The developer of Trism has posted an update video letting us know what is going on with Trism and what we can expect once it hits the AppStore. Check out the video below.

For more information on Trism and how you can get it on your iPhone now…check out our Trism Page.

Watch “Trism Update” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.