Trism 0.7.6-2

Trism I could not get the update to version 0.7.6-2 of Trism to work properly. I was able to install the application however, when I tried to open the app, it would just hang at the splashscreen. I was not able to get back to the SpringBoard and ended up restarting my iPhone every time. Hopefully we will see any update soon. You can get Trism via the ModMyiFone source.

Trism 0.7.6-2

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  1. All I get is Package Download Failed.

    • I kept getting package download failed, until I downloaded another app (e.g. Neverball) then it downloaded fine.

      But again, like Brooke, I get the Splash Screen, and I have to reboot. (I can’t even force quit by holding home button)

  2. hey.. you are missing a very cool app that is even in the top 10 of the installer,, is the synch step app i tryed and its really cool to do some excercise and have fun…

  3. Adriankenny says

    Maybe permissions were not set to the application??

  4. GREAT JOB!!! on doing the extra information on some of the 3rd party apps catagories

  5. Its down to permissions.

    If you run it from terminal as root it will work..

    • I changed permissions on the app, but it still doesn’t work. How do you run it from the terminal?

  6. maybe it disables the app, due to its upcoming release in the app store……

  7. Hey guys, this is Steve, the creator of Trism. I have uploaded a new version (0.7.8) which my fans are telling me works fine.

    Thank you for your patience!