uSirius 0.61

This article was submitted in our forum by pdxDavid since we don’t have a subscription. Thanks a lot pdxDavid!!!!

uSiriusAs far as I knew the only way to get Sirius Satellite Radio on an iPhone was to load an app on the phone and stream it from your home computer… LAME!!! What year is this anyway? I have Sirius on my dash for the love of Pete! Those days are gone. This app on your phone and a current Sirius subscription is all you will need.

uSirius from Millard Software allows you to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio via the iPhone or iPod Touch on firmware 1.1.4. There is nothing else to install. You will need a current subscription to Sirius. Setup is very simple. You supply the same username and password you would to listen online.

Other options include:

United States or Canada (not sure what difference it makes)
Premium if available (Higher bitrate, extra cost)
Load channel logos (one time deal, takes a while if not on Wifi)
Clear Caches (have not tried it and not sure what it does)

I tested on EDGE and it took 1 minute from starting the app to listening to music. Changing stations took about 30 seconds. One note on changing stations; A couple of times it would not change to what I had selected. It would play something from a channel I had listened to previously. This may be the function of the clear caches button in settings. At no time was there any choppiness due to rebuffering. The one request I would make in a future release would be the ability to setup favorites. Having to scroll down to channel 100 to listen to Howard is a bit of a pain. I am happy to have Sirius on my iPhone so I will not be complaining too much. uSirius is still in beta (v.60) and is available via the iSpazio source.

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  1. I can’t adequately explain how happy this app makes me. I literally teared up when i loaded it up and it WORKED! I’ve been waiting soo long for this.

    IM SOOOO HAPPY!!! Its like my birthday!

  2. Mike Zappa says

    Ba Ba Booey!!!!!

  3. PauL>>:Oo says

    What Up With My Post…

  4. fa fa flohi

  5. Ya, I was really happy when I saw this too.

    Save Baby Gorilla!

  6. turtletomm says

    now all we need is xm app and im all good :)

  7. Da187suspect says

    I have a Sirius subscription, but, everytime I try to log into this app, it just tells me that it can’t log me in, is it because I’m in Canada? The ID should work no matter what right?

    • pdxDavid says

      did you check the box that says Canada? I’m sure you did but just wondering. Maybe try it not checked.

  8. uSirius is better tham iRadio???

  9. I love it…. this app has to be one of the best apps out right now…. great jobs guys keep it up….

  10. AT&T Guy says

    I was stoked to get this app. I’ve been waiting for a long time. BUT… i put in my info and all it says is “Unable to load lineup”. What can i do. Im connected to a wifi network when i try this.

  11. I have it installed and it is pretty nice. However, it stops the stream very very often. Some times after 30 seconds some times after 30 min. It is random and a bit annoying. Also it has restarted my phone a time for 2 which is alarming.

  12. does it matter was iphone version, im at 1.0.2 and i cant seem to install usirius is see it in the apps but it just closes down when i press install

  13. How much longer for a working usirius for 2.0+ ???

  14. I’m trying to get this app on my iphone but cannot locate it in the apps store. I have the mallard software and am running it through orb but it still does not want to play the music or anything for that matter. I would rather have this app than having to have my pc on when I am not around it. Any and all links and feedback is appreciated.

  15. how do you download app very frustrated

  16. how do download from ispazio for exampl usirius

  17. Sirius Canada and Sirius US are two separate companies. Sirius US merged with XM but Sirius Canada did not. Also, if you are a Sirius Canada subscriber, your sirius login will not work if you go to For it to work, you need to go to in order to listen when you listen online. Is there a way to set the location as default when using usirius? Thanks.